Hello CO+K !!!
I'm Laura M and... well what can I say about myself because I've put my Likes and Stuff over there <- in the interests... LOL!!!
LOL is my catchphrase, my tagline, whatever you call it, I luuurrrvvveee saying LOL, as it shows that I am laughing out loud, (thats what LOL means, if you didn't know) though when I don't say LOL, I'm feeling moody, so BACK OFF !!!!! (in a nice way), LOL
I'm trying to think of a different meaning to LOL, besides laugh-out-loud, so that when I say it, it means I'm laughing and... Lauras-On-Line ????
What about that ??? If you have any other suggestions, please post them in a comment.Oh, and ask me to be your friend, I say yes to EVERYBODY !!!


Natasha C.
Natasha C.
i agree with the lol thing it is so chechy ahahaha mine is LMAO(laugh my ass off)
Jessie Le Bon
Jessie Le Bon · Newcastle upon Tyne, England, GB · 1 project
hey Happy
i read your interests-i like karen m and lola love books to!
Laura M.
Laura M. · England, Arkansas, US
your welcome LOL
Cat Morley
Cat Morley · London, GB · 1432 projects
Hey missy, thanks for adding me xo