i LOVE to knit.. and am always looking for patterns that excite me.. i do get overwhelmed when i see something i love.. i ll go get all the things i need for it.. and then PUT them away and do it all over again.. and THEN.. i realize i now have a HUGE stash! im that way with the knitting books, too.. its awful!.. i have about 6 half done projects.. i have decided i am GOING to finish each one of them starting now even before i make my 2008 new years resolution!.. right now i am doing the montera socks.. i have started my 2nd sock ( yaaay)!.. i love perusing knitty.com.. and i subscribe to interweave knits.. i have already started a sweater for my husband.. from the xmas 2006 holiday its called..the charcoal ribbed cardigan... i ve put it down because im NOT sure if the sleeves are long enough before i start to sew the sleeve seams!

i am also hearing impaired.. i can talk-- lipread-- and i sign!

talk to u later!
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