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We head to Tampa, Florida to meet PunkinsBabie who can create a work of art out of any surface that is paintable!


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How did you find CO+K and why did you join?

I found CO+K looking for ideas for my wedding. My husband (Greg) and I did not have a traditional wedding; we were married on a street corner in Ybor City (an area of Tampa, FL). I needed inspiration and typed in Button Bouquet. I found the tutorial serendipity_sarah posted and went to work. The previous sentence is funny because, I made half of it; saw something shiny and moved on to something else. I believe this is a common problem amongst crafty ladies and gents.

Why did I join CO+K, how can you go wrong? It’s like a paint, makeup, clay, pencil, recipe, everything else, gathering for the creative masses. Growing up I was never a crafty type of person, and when I did create something, I was very doubtful of my ability. CO+K put me at ease because it shows you that creative ability comes at all levels and in every form. I love that no matter what you are looking for, most of the time it can be found on the CO+K site. If you can’t find it, make it and post a tutorial, I am sure someone else is looking for the same thing!!!

What projects are you currently working on?

Currently I am creating a “Horror Character” ornament chandelier for my friend Desi. She is a single working mom, an amazing woman and I want her to know she is loved. Her devotion to being who and what she is and being a great mom, is worth every minute of time it takes to create this gift for her


July 15, 2009
Tampa, Florida, United States
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What does your craft space look like?

OH MY GOSH…. My craft space. We (my husband, my 18yr old daughter Stacy & me) live in a 87 year old shotgun style duplex that is 900SF, there is no counter space in the kitchen, the closets are half the size of half of a telephone booth and we have 16ft ceilings so hanging things on hooks from the ceiling type storage is not an option. I have craft stuff EVERYWHERE, literally. Chaos, disorder, “oh you need a place to sit, just put that stuff that is on the couch on the floor, no that paint on the couch is not wet, it won’t get on you”. I am jealous of these people on TV who have the “Organization Professionals” come and organize their stuff. I am too busy trying to create to worry about the wreck I have created. If company comes to our house, they know what they are in for; me sitting in the middle of the living room floor on a blanket, trying to do what I am doing, while chasing our two rescued cats away because they want to get in on the craft action also.

Which tool or craft supply do you use the most?

My favorite craft supply would have to be a line of paints made by a company called Jacquard. There is Neopaque and lumiere, both of these lines of paint are awesome. You can paint on leather, cloth, paper mache, vinyl, just about any surface and it does not crack, chip off or fade. Amazing stuff!

What do you craft along to?

My husband Greg is a concert photographer and music nut, my daughter Stacy has a musical taste all of her own; So, at any given time while I am creating I may be listening to punk, 80’s, country, or 50’ & 60’s or musical soundtracks to movies. I found that Repo the Genetic Opera and of course, The Rocky Horror Picture Show have amazing soundtracks to be creative to.

JacQui's Most Popular Projects

Voo Doo Face And Body Art

Voo Doo Face And Body Art

Face and body paint for an Anniversary Party we attended at a Night Club

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Ornament Chandelier

Ornament Chandelier

Ornament Chandelier for my Daughter- Re-Do room christmas present

♥ 35
Zombie Feet Canvas Shoes

Zombie Feet Canvas Shoes

♥ 32
Zombie Hello Kitty Coin Bank

Zombie Hello Kitty Coin Bank

Paint for the Man of My Dreams!

♥ 31
So, You Wanna Be A Zombie

So, You Wanna Be A Zombie

No Bunnies were hurt in the making of this tutorial

♥ 25
Sparkle Fish

Sparkle Fish

How to do a sparkle fish look

♥ 24

Favorite Craft

Honestly, I do not have a specific craft I enjoy doing the most; I am an equal opportunity mess maker and creative NERD. Glue, glitter, paint, sand, marbles, old clothes, appliances, whatever material is at my disposal at the time would have to be my favorite, to narrow it down to one thing…. I JUST CAN’T DO IT!

My favorite things to make? That is an easy one…. The ones that make people happy when give the gift to them and they were not expecting it; also, painting children’s faces. One of the things that has inspired me to face paint children is that I never know what a child is going through at home, if there is food in their house, if they are in an abusive environment in any form. If they are at a party or any other type of event and I am painting their little faces, watching a child look in the mirror for the first time, seeing the reality of their world slip away by the image looking back at them is a feeling I will always cherish. The first party I painted at and the first time I experienced this feeling, I cried.

JacQui's Top Crafts

If you could learn one new craft or make anything, what would it be?

Ha! I would learn to CROCHET…. However in order to do this, I know I have to find a teacher with patience and understanding who can go slow enough for me unravel the knotted ball of yarn I will (most certainly) create!!!

Who are your crafting heroes?

I cannot say there is a specific person who is my crafting hero. I will say this though, anyone in this crazy chaotic world, who can make/create/repurpose anything, is a craft hero. It takes a lot to tuck away world events we see on TV, daily duties that are monotonous, responsibilities that are on our minds and be able to find just enough peace within ourselves to make something unique, beautiful, something that is a part of us in that hiccup of free time.