I'd rather have fresh roses on my table than heavy diamonds around my neck, but I couldn´t resist a pair of nice shoes ...

" Life is like a box of chocolates - u never know what u may get "

We are all just like little chocolates stucked in a box, the only difference is what we have got inside.

We live in this closed box, waiting for our big moment that unfortunately never comes, and poor chocolate dies inside fat mans belly.
I would rather take the risk to escape out of that box, and finally get to know how does the sun shine . . . Even if my destiny is to melt .

There is some magic in a chocolate, there is some magic in a woman.
I can be very sweet (attention : u may get sick), but I also can be more bitter than the blackest coffe...
Tough and cold from the outside, hard to break..
But when I get some warm then I am gentle and tender. . (attention : do not give me too much warm,Ii could melt and gone in few seconds without a trace)
What am i like ? You have to try.
The question is. . . will you dare to take off the little silver wrapping . . ?
You may discover the taste, that you ve never ever known before. . .
Or simply become fat ass .

1oo % cacao
1oo % woman.

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