I'm an Artist, Film maker, seamstress/tailor, etc...

I just like to make things. Anything really. I do random arts (such as design{Web, graphic, fashion, etc.}, fine and digital arts, and film) that interest me, or that I find a need for. I'm not exactly new to CO+K, but I haven't done much on here.

I'm a gamer and a... Well... I suppose one would call me a nerd. I am also a Lolita and Steampunk at heart. I've always been an old soul as well. In my free time I draw and make comics. I'm working on a web comic series now. I also like to make clothing. OH! And, Poppets, too! I love poppets...

I suppose this is all one really needs to know. We should chat sometime! That way we can get to know each other. Find me on my website! I'm almost always there!


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