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deli s.
deli s. · Singapore, SG · 5 projects
HI Spender,

Yep! Singapore is a nice place to live in. I have never been to any of the Europe country too. But i definitely wouldn't be able to float even if you give me those ARM FLOATY things - too heavy. Haha.... Anyway have fun browsing in here.
Spender · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 3 projects
I don't know if all teens talk like this, but most people think I'm crazzy!So maybe? You live in Singapore?!! That sounds awsome. What's it like? I've only over been to Canada. There they put people in barrels and send them over Niagra Falls! If I ever did that I would want some of those ARM FLOATY things. Maybe ones with DUCKS on them! Anyways HI!!!!!
Wilson · Chester, England, GB · 7 projects
Thanks for your comment Happy I love your stuff too, anything Denim makes me happy! x