Hello, I'm Heather. I like to think I am pretty awesome, lol. I have a beautiful little girl, some pretty awesome friends and family, and a great fiance.

I crochet, read, write, sing with the radio (and in the shower lol), I watch anime, play video games... I am kind of a nerd lol.

I don't stick to just any one kind of anything.

My favorite band is Good Charlotte, my favorite song by them is We Believe.

My favorite movie is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

My most played games are Final Fantasy X and X2, Tekken, and Kingdom Hearts.

My favorite author is Sherrilyn Kenyon and I am in love with her Dark-Hunter series.

Especially Dance With the Devil.

My favorite anime is Death Note. Or Sailor Moon lol.

I have three brothers, a sister, two sister in laws, one brother in law, five nieces and two nephews.

I have always wanted an old Victorian style home with three little kids running around.

I am a very random, loud, open-minded person.

I am a lover, but I'm not afraid to fight if need be.

I am addicted to Coca-Cola, lip gloss, shopping, chocolate, the internet, photography, jetpack joyride, little big planet, bejeweled, puzzles, coloring, and books.

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