my name is Dominique

i am from south africa although people in my own country think i have an accent like a british american mix ;/ (oh well).
i am currently taking a gap year as I'm not exactly sure what i want to study next year. but i have a lot of free time to be creative Happy i live in my own little world my mom calls it cloud 9 my dad calls me a dreamer. i apparently have a high vocabulary but im dyslexic (what a combo) so forgive my spelling from time to time ( spell check is my best friend)

My talent is Art but i love being crafty and creative to,
+ i love photography but unfortunately don't have an epic camera or any training,

%my hobbies and interests are
+Motorbike riding (classic and modern)
+Scuba diving (currently a qualified open water diver)
+Reading (fantacy, fiction, Magic. more medieval old world settings)
+ baking and cooking
+ I love gaming ( Skyrim , Assassins creed, Bioshock, Fable, Dragonage2, sims, etc...)
+ I like writing but haven't finished anything yet.
+ scrapbooking
= clocks
= mythology
= fantasy
= Music (Guns n roses, Metallica, etc..)
= adventure
=Festivals (music mostly)
= nature
= animals
= I love the sea
= i love the rain
= im born in spring but love the snuggelyness of winter
= i have a massive collection of bottle tops which i have yet to do anything with
= one of my favorite symbols is the union-jack (my grandfather is British)
= i love antique things ( or made to look old)

#im currently the temporary owner of two fluff balls (cats) Thai (the happy fat one) and cockeye (he has one yellow eye and one blue eye) {housing them for my elder brother}

so in a nutshell that's me... will update as soon as i know what else to say...

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