I'm Grace. I'm 20 years old. You can usually find me either studying textiles and fashion in Aberdeen, or chilling out and getting up to all sorts at home in Edinburgh. My hair changes colour more than most people change their underwear. I'm madly in love with my gorgeous bonkers boyfriend, and enjoy a good cuppa/glass of wine/homemade lasagna wherever possible. I am absolutely crazy about almost all things textile related - printing, embroidery, embellishing, dyeing, tie dyeing, folding, pinching, scrunching and generally messing fabric up. I have a bit of an ever growing obsession with clothes and accessories having a personal depth to them (especially amidst the mindless world of high street fashion pumping out "disposable" clothes to be treated almost the same way as empty crisp packets), and I think all hand knitting/crochet/any other home crafts embody that idea. I've been trying to get back into these recently, thus my new little blog began Happy Oh, I'm also in a band! 

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