So I'm this Crazy, Insane, One-of-a-Kind Gal.

I love changing my look, and never having the same face twice.

I'm obsessed with dreadfalls and yarnfalls and love making them. I hope to one day have my own little business making them.

Tattoos, piercings, and homemade-one-of-a-kind crafts ROCK my world!

I'm 21, and a complete southern girl. Also, I'm currently a stay at home housewife (in a way, haha).

I personally hate labels, especially cause my personality and appearance changes drastically with my mood; but I've been called everything from a Raver, to a Goth, to CyberGoth, to Classic Punk, and ever Classic Rock.

Send me a friend request and give me a ring!

I LOVE NICKNAMES! I have multiple, and if you have one for me, tell me and I'll post my nickname list eventually! <//3

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