Name: Andy (An-chan, Andrea, iPandit,
Age: 18
Height: 4'1"
Weight: 120lb.
Likes: Some bugs, horror movies
Dislikes: flys and nats,annoying people, load places, when my barriers run out, when my pencil runs out of lead, wakeing up in the middle of the night, falling, tripping, pricking my fingers with my sewing needle
Hair color: Blond with black streaks
Eye Color: green
Fav. Characters: Wybie from Coraline, Jacob Black Seth Clear water, and Felix from Twilight, Jack from Nightmare before Christmas, Jarath from Laberinth,
Fav. Season: winter with out the colds that go around
Fav. Color: Purple but i wear mostly Black, green and brown
Fav. Food: Sweets and Bread
Resent projects: Plushie of Wybie from Coraline with removable jacket and object
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