Coupled with the need to express my many moods through art (visual poetry), and to fulfill a legacy by advocating a cleaner environment- I have always been inspired by a "throw away" culture while creating.

The first creations came in the form of aesthetically pleasing handmade cards and are made with repurposed and/or reclaimed, and/or recycled materials such as: images found in old cookbooks, vintage National Geographic magazines, and dated encyclopedias; pretty food wrappers, scraps of fabric, computer packaging, fruit bag netting.....etc. All these images and materials are later merged into a collage and sewn onto card stock by hand or machine. Equated with a miniature art piece, each card is one of a kind (except for the cards with original photos) as well as signed and titled. All of the cards couple with a handmade envelope.

While handmade cards were predominately the bread-and-butter, I've now teamed up with the Chocolate Milk People in a "Repurpose Me" business venture where us three brainstorm, create, and sell other unique unique environmentally conscious gifts that people will use. Repurpose Me's main objective is to do this by creating with the objects, materials, and images that are found on a continuous pursuit. So far our online store hosts room for hand-bound notebooks created from recycled cereal boxes, purses made from recycled plastic bags, handmade cards, tea baggin' condom disguises, and Inside OUtter plushees. Rest assured, most of the materials used to create all of these gifts have definitely been one or more of the following: found, donated, saved from a landfill, reclaimed, or repurposed. Even the packaging Repurpose Me uses to ship is either packaging given a second or third life or it's made from biodegradable corn plastic.

From here on out, the Repurpose Me crew's main goal is to keep brainstorming and creating and advocating.

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