Lets see what can i say about myself i love to do crafts all the time always on the internet trying to find new sites with crafts
just about everything that has to do with creating something right now i am doing a mural on my grandchildren's wall it's alot of fun but alot of work especially the painting part oh my that's a challenge for sure but i know once they see it they are going to go crazy i'm the type of person that has a million things going in my brain to do i can't keep up with all the things i want to do i am disabled so i can't work (i worked for 30 yrs) im still young in late 50's but a go getter i just keep trucking and my crafts,sewing,
and painting keep me out of trouble. i just have to limit myself from sitting standing to much but enough of that.
so i here looking for more things to do i found this site on D.I.Y. site and though i would take a look so here i am
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