I am a stay at home mommy with one in school, and another in the oven. I am married to a great man, who is also a soldier. I just started knitting on 02/14/09 and I am completely addicted. I was on bed rest with this pregnancy and I tell you, knitting saved my life. Before knitting, I mainly did photography, and photo manipulation (I STILL HEART PHOTOSHOP!!!). But I was never any good at hands on crafts before, and would never finish projects that I started, but with this, I truly enjoy it. My only problem is that I have to pace myself, and not get in over my head. I look at so many patterns, get overwhelmed, and just don't know where to start. But once I do start, I really get into it. I look forward to meeting other knitting lovers, and maybe even crocheters. Who knows, I make pick crocheting back up. Happy