I am a 27 year survivor of AIDS, married with 2 kids all grown up, and 1 granddaughter. I make craft projects for my husbands family at Christmas when they all come up to Northern Minnesota (all 87 of them Happy I also do craft projects for a camp I started for families where one or more has HIV/AIDS My camp has been up and running for 14 years now, this Aug. will be year number 15 ! I felt the camp was needed because AIDS affects the whole family and there are many different types of families. So it is different than Camp Heartland (which is just for kids) my camp is focused on the infected and affected family units. I have always had a Rhino image in my mind when fighting AIDS ..Keep Charging and never, never, never give up, I was born with a horn !


littleone · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US
Does anyone know of or can make the little red Rhinos as seen in Moes Peace Key ring ? I am working on a project where I need about 50 of them. Can anyone help me find a small rhino bead ?