Hey all,

My name is Charmaine-Rebekkah but you can call me Peanut, Little Pea, Pea or just P.

I'm new to the world of design and craft but hope to make it a little more than just a hobby one day. I like to think I'm pretty creative and I'm definately a hands-on person but only time will tell if enthusiasm is enough to produce actually decent craft pieces. After all, Ed Wood had buckets of enthusiasm and all that won him was a Golden Turkey Award for Worst Ever Film Director! Happy

I am (as appears to be the 'thing' right now) rather consumed by the 30s/40s/50s, the world of Burlesque, cheesecake/pinup modelling and anything in that area. I find that world exciting and glamorous although I do not belong to it currently, rather I sit on the outside and stare longingly into it.

I would describe myself as gothic as opposed to an actual goth- I have a limited array of gothic clothing, the dyed black hair, the dark make-up and pale skin but have not the persona to consider myself an actual goth.

It's my dream to one day own my own shop ideally selling my own creations but I don't know a jot about business and am not the most out going or positive person (you may have noticed) so we'll see what happens there; in the mean time I fancy learning to crochet!