I am a felt maker from Hull, UK. I love making stuff and drawing. I make bags, purses, phone/mp3 player cozies, fairies, sculptures.... loads of stuff!

I love crafting and really enjoy finding new things to do... i want to do it full time but hey paying the rent gets in the way! i work in a bookshop and spend too much money there, reading is my second passion.

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Jolanda · Nederland, Colorado, US · 54 projects
I really like your project, they're so sweet!
Baba Boop
Baba Boop · Bunker Hill, West Virginia, US
Your really good at the felting you should sell it on Artfire.com Its free site. You could also sign up as a verified user which you have to pay a monthly bill which is not much click on the link I posted. http://www.artfire.com/modules.php?name=power_up&refuid=38888 anyone can click
Surf jewels
Surf jewels · Southend-on-Sea, England, GB · 13 projects
bears · 11 projects
thanks for the sites!
Hippy Of Doom
Hippy Of Doom
There's nothing you can't do, especially with felt! I loves her items Happy
Chelsea K.
Chelsea K. · Fargo, North Dakota, US · 8 projects
Someone likes bunnies! Me too! I would love some felt ideas