I am a Christian Wife, SAHM of Three and I Love My family and creating things for them and/or others. I Try all of the following: Sewing, Knitting, Crocheting, Cross Stitch,Beading etc., EeeHee. In order to Save Money I make clothes for girls ( I have Not attempted for my Son Yet), But Dress's,shirts Shrugs for the Girls. Hair Ties, Pillows again etc., I just was able to purchase Terry Clothe I will be making my Family our Own Towels and wash clothes. Also for my Etsy Store.( Baby Bibs,Wipes for face or Bottoms). But I Try Lately for the past Few or More Years I purchase Second Hand Yarn, Fabrics'. I have Also when Times Got Tough Had To Buy Kids School Clothes @ Local Second Hand Stores'. So Any Thing That will Help with Saving the Money for Important stuff is An PLUS ++++++. I Love the Looks and the Appreciation That I see in People's Faces' when I give them something Hand Made.
God Bless You All in your God given talents
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