My name is Shyla Marie, I'm fourteen years old and I'm going to be a freshmen next year. I'm a musician first and foremost in my life, then a writer, dancer, and artist.
I could lie to you and tell you I've been innocent in a lot of things in my life but the truth is that I have done worse than I want to admit to doing.I love my life and how I've been learning to be a wonderful person as I grow older.

I miss being younger and having every person I meet seem like friends. I miss daydreaming and staring at the clouds, I miss writing to my grandmother, I miss my life but I know I can't go back, I'm older now and I have to make choices that hurt and are hard to handle. I fear those decisions. I'm scared that if I continue to hurt people with my temper I'll lose people.
I am very naive and some find it endearing, others find it frustrating, I refuse to believe that I am a horrible person, I believe there some good in every person, my enemy or not.

To me, my favorite person on this planet is Carolyn Agrimis, She is by far the most beautiful, kind-hearted, loving person I have ever met. She makes me feel like I'm not alone in this long journey of life. My baby of four years. I love you darling.

Oh hey there. My name is Carolyn. I love Shyla so much man, you have no idea. She means the world to me. She is always there for me, and never stops believing in me. Even when I dont believe in myself and make stupid decisions. She is the best friend I will ever have. I love you Shyla, more than you will ever know.

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