theres really not much to say about me.
i love art. any type really. stop and think and you'll realize that everyday is surrounded with pieces of art. everything was made at one point in life and that, to me is amazing.
throughout the days, ive learned different verities of art, and have learned to be more in touch with with other types. i love that feeling of crating something. the feeling of it being yours and yours alone. that someone of course can make something similar but it will never be the same as what you've created because you, have created it on your own. if the most simple things can turn out much bigger in image or feeling then it was to create. its pure love. it amazes me how one line on paper, or one string can turn into so much more.

enough of the ramble.

my dream in life since Ive been a little one is to become a special effects makeup artist. now that's the art that really moves me. making someone look dead...or even alive...or make them look 100% different..or animations...sculpting. no words can really describe how amazing that is to me. i love to be challenged. and better i love proving myself wrong. anyone can do whatever they set their mind to yes..but everyone has a doubt at one point.

tattoos are a huge part of my life. not only receiving one but watching one being given, hearing the stories behind them but mostly, seeing an artist giving one even when they don't particularly love the one they are giving, but still seeing the passion they have for it. makes me smile every time. i would love to tattoo some day, but i think that is something that will hopefully come late down the road.

i have a deep mind, i analyze everything, maybe even over-analyze.
that about sums me up.
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