I am just a normal girl who loves knitting and crocheting. I am different from my friends. They cant crochet. Not even knit. But some wants to learn from me. BUT, they say its really hard. I don't think so. It's just the art of pulling yarn through loops... =P

I love to make scarves, although i live in a tropical country. I knit scarves and never wear them. I just stare at them and say to myself how fluffy and furry they are. Well, i actually prefer crocheting because, you just need to 'look after' one loop (unlike knitting, when you drop a stitch, it's doomsday. I don't know how to repair stitches...) But the drawback on crocheting - you cant use fluffy and furry yarns. Its impossible to see where you will stick the needle through.

Did I mention that I am weird? I never understand what my friends are talking about. But I'm sure that its kinda, stupid? Don't know...

(Forget the past, step forward to a new day... - Stheno Trianon)
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