i loooooove kitties. i have two at home one is tortoiseshell and cream the other is gray with gray stripes. any way my favorite site is fanfiction.net where you can read other people,s story on a T.V. show or book or anime or whatever. you can also put up your own story if you like to write. or type. i like rings. (especially the twisty kind)
and can be a little irationally weird at some times, but arent we all, so whats the great poo pah about it? every ones crazy, and no one is truly normal enough to do anything because no one is normal. we all have different views on what is normal and we never consider ourselves that lucky. and if we do consider ourselves normal, we should know immidiatley that we arent because if we were we wouldnt have to say it because our conversations would be normal and normal conversations dont involve normality.(what a wierd word) and also we would probably be in extreme self denial because someone would be telling us that we were not normal.

im a wierd one arent i? droning on and on and on and on and on and on about normality when its pretty obvious that i never was.

rubix cubes are colorful. i dont even own one. so sad.
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I usually give most of the stuff I make away, so I don't actually have that much here. I do have a LOT of craft supplies though, so I just need to be clever with storing it Happy