I'm currently saving up money and trying to raise money for college. I'm probably going to do a summer bake sale, or a craft sale, but I'm not sure yet. Sadly, our Joe-Anne Fabrics moved out last month now the closest craft store is 30 minutes away -.-

So, I'll be a-browsing. Want me to comment you, just send me a message, I love sing new crafts and would love to try and make them myself if I can..

So, um...

I'm 15 years old and I currently reside in New York State. I'm a flower child and a tree hugger, I hate big cities and I love helping people.

I want to go to Hofstra University and get a major in English and Clinical Psychology and a Minor in Art.

The college I wish to go to is nearly 40,000 a year. Hopefully, I'll make enough in the next two years to help me make it through a year and a half.
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