My name's Ally Quinn.
and my heart belongs to such things as;
my friends. my creative vision:m. powerade blue. ear muffs. movies. smiles. strawberry milkshakes. €€€. sun. hana yori dango. love. bows. hair extentions. purses. pink. hearts. synth pop. MAC. my gameboy. baking. twilight. zelda. pandapple. you me at six. penguins. zombies. mittens. myspace. perfume. sunglasses. writing letters. glitter. dresses. meteor. hello kitty. my wii. stickers. ENTER SHIKARI. and getting texts from them. cherry coke. late night texts. tea. saturdays. diamonds. dior. tokidoki. : ]'s. chanel chance. my snakebites. baking. my laptop. my phone. matthew williamson perfume.

heya :]
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