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DorkSide · Newcastle upon Tyne, England, GB · 4 projects
Hey there! I'm promoting a new forum I've just created for people who love artisan crafts. If you're interested I'd love it if you would stop by and take a look and feel free to join in! Happy

:bulletblue: http://i-heart-handmade.forumotion.co.uk/ :bulletblue:
Margot · Nederland, Colorado, US · 16 projects
Hi Nancy! About the knitted slippers: I found it in a very old craftbook.. I searched for it on the internet, but I cannot find it anywhere Sad It is very easy though: you only need two needles and one slipper consists of only one piece. Knit back and forth with ~36 stitches on a needle of 5mm, for ~20 rows (adjust it to your own size). Then reduce the amount of stitches to about 24 stitches (not gradually but immediately, in one row, and on both sides at the same time) and continue for about 20 rows. Then you reduce the amount of stitches gradually, thereby forming a circle, untill there are no stitches left. I'm sorry that I do not remember the amount of stitches that I took, but this varies for every foot and every type of wool so you should just try it. Now you fold this piece accross the long side in two and stitch together the toe-part, the instep and the backside of the heel and that's it! I hope you can follow it... just experiment with it! Good luck Happy
jonesy · Cheshunt, England, GB · 58 projects
cheers for the fav
Käpt´n Toasterkopf
Käpt´n Toasterkopf · Germany, Pennsylvania, US · 53 projects
Hey, thanks for the comment :3

And the ace...I don´t know where it comes from. I got it from my room mate when he moved out. So I think of him him from time to time Happy
Cat Morley
Cat Morley · London, GB · 1432 projects
Thanks for adding me xo
Not A.
Not A. · Westlake, Ohio, US · 18 projects
Thanks fer the add!