Jack of all trades, master of none. Crafty & creative, w/o artistic talent. Bibliophile. Paradoxical. INFP. Has 2 dogs. Always thinking. Apparently, writes in fragments.

Enjoys: scrapbooking & paper crafts, polymer clay, baking, origami, upcycling, coloring, toy mod'ing.... etc., etc.

Sadly, cannot sew unless by hand. And not well at that! Has tried many times, unsuccessfully.

Give me hot glue gun or glue sticks, pom poms, glitter, pipe cleaners, doilies, confetti/sequins, pretty paper, stickers, gel pens, die cuts, etc...etc... to make me happy. ^-^

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Olivia H.
Olivia H. · Indianapolis, Indiana, US · 32 projects
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