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Lisa Novogrodski
Mixed Media Artist

Have you always been creative and what’s the earliest work you can remember creating?

Yes I have always been creative even when I wasn't creating physically my mind was always creating and recreating. When I was young I used to draw, paint, do calligraphy and dabble in all things art. I remember winning an award somewhere around 3rd or 4th grade for art work/poster I did although I am only reminded of it through old photos. I believe calligraphy was my "thing" when I was in middle school and my first official pieces that were displayed were these types of things.

What's your studio like and how do you keep organised?

My studio is a room in my home that looks out over my front yard. The view is beautiful but it's a small room and I have WAY too much "stuff.
I dream of course of having "California Closets" come in and design a room for me that houses all my supplies but for now that remains a dream. I live with a mish of mash of storage, plastic drawers for papers, rolling carts for mists and more drawers and baskets for mixed media supplies. The supplies grow and the room does not. I am always trying to keep things organized with "like" things together. Stamps, Dies, etc in labeled boxes. It works as long as I put it all back. ;)

Where do you look for inspiration?

It all depends on what I'm working on. Often times the inspiration comes from within. My next go to are my favorite artists, both is the drawing painting world and those that do scrapbook art. I search out pinterest. I sometimes take photos of things I see in shops for ideas. Sometimes music, quotes and emotions inspire me. Inspiration is everywhere. You just have to store the data in your creative mind.

Whats in your pencil case / camera bag?

Pencils. Eraser. Charcoal Pencils. Eraser. Pitt Pens. Ruler.

Any tips for someone suffering from creative block?

Walk away.
It always unblocks for me after I take a break and the break can be days...or longer.

Do you do any other crafts and what are your hobbies?

Once upon a time I used to be a seamstress. A Master Seamstress even. I used to have a little business sewing and making custom tailored clothing and home decor. I also do needlepoint and rug hooking. These things are somewhat in the past now. I have not done any of it in a long time. Currently I enjoy taking photos and editing them in photoshop. I also LOVE to antique shop and decorate my home. I'm into a very primitive style of country decorating and spend lots of time with my husband scouring antique stores and yard sales!

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Thanks so much for featuring me! It's been an honor!

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What's your favorite...

TV Show
Showtimes- "Episodes"
Maroon 5
Not a city girl
Home Alone (it never gets old)
Magazine / Book
The Hours- Michael Cunningham
Tamara Laport, Jane Davenport, Jamie Dougherty, Lizzy Wurmann, Christy Tomlinson
Canvas, acrylics, water soluble crayons, graphite, inks, spray mists
Tool or Product You Couldn't Live Without
Graphite/ pencils/ watercolor paper