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Kristina Barbee-Biermann
Springfield, IL

What are your hobbies?

If drinking wine and taking naps count as hobbies, then count me in for being a huge fan of hobbies!

On the weekends I thoroughly enjoy dragging my husband to the local antique stores and then asking him if we can get Starbucks afterward. During the warmer months I spend most of my time outside gardening and then canning and freezing all of our produce.

But seriously, do wine and naps count as hobbies?

What are your favorite crafts and what's your craft space like?

I love any kind of craft that is not only simple, but useful around our home. We live in a small 1000 sq foot house- so space is so very important!
I love crafting up woodworking projects- such as furniture for the house, or signs and wall decor as well.

My craft space is quite an embarrassment, honestly. My office consists of- my closet, vanity, home office, storage, and crafts.

Let's just say things are a little tight, and I've gotten creative with my storage

What do you craft along to?

Beyonce is my soul sister, and my second favorite artist (only second to Ed Sheeran because, well, come on, that boy can sing <3 ). I love to blast Queen B loudly while I work on project in my office or garage, you just can't be in a bad mood or unmotivated when B is telling you how Flawless you are.

I also enjoy the occasional Destiny's Child throwback- you can't go wrong with a good dance to Bootylicious.

What was the first project you ever made?

Besides instantly making the world a cooler place just by being born, the first thing I made was probably some sort of turkey painting with my handprints (or some otherwise embarrassing festive craft).

What are your favorite items to make?

My favorite items to make are different signs for the home. I love making quote signs for our house featuring songs we love, or just cute sayings.

Which other craft blogs do you love to read?

Craftomaniac and Liz Marie Blog are my top two favorite blogs EVER. Those girls are so darn creative and so sweet.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?


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