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Diy Redneck Golf Set (Aka Ladder Golf)
One game I loved when I was a teen- and still enjoy even though I still don’t know the rules- is redneck golf. For those of you not from the Midwest, it’s also known as Ladder Golf!

The entire set cost us about $20-$30 to make and we love it! I brought it to a company picnic and it got used by a ton of people, and we keep it in our back yard for parties. It doesn’t take up much space at all, too, so it can easily be hidden. In the winter we will store ours folded in our garage on one of the walls.

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  • Step 1

    Cut your PVC Pipe to size. For each ladder you need-

    Five 2' pieces
    Eight 1' pieces

    Paint the PVC pipes with the desired color (use outdoor plastic spray paint)

  • How to make a toy. Diy Redneck Golf Set (Aka  Ladder Golf) - Step 2
    Step 2

    While the paint dries on the PVC piping grab your golf balls and drill holes through the center of them (big enough for the nylon rope to go through- about 3/8".

    Cut the Nylon rope into 20" pieces and tie one end of the rope pieces into a double knot. Burn the end of this knot to melt it together, then slide one of the golf balls onto it.

    Add the second golf ball to the rope, knot the other end, then burn it as well.

    Repeat that for nine sets of golf balls.

  • Step 3

    Now that the paint is dry, connect the ladders by:

    Connect the two elbows to either side of the 2' top rung.
    Connect one 1' piece to the other side of the elbow fittings.
    Add a T fitting on each piece- with a 2' bar in the center.
    Add another 1' piece on the bottom of the T fittings.
    Connect another T fitting to the bottom of the 1' pieces with the "bottom" of te T connected and the "Arms" of the T facing front-to-back of the ladder.
    Lastly, add another 1' piece to each end of the T fitting ends.

    Repeat with your other ladder.

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