Upcycle local waste into desirable objects!

Closes February 18th, 2012
About the contest

We've got three amazing Rethink Rubbish kits from Fabrications up for grabs. Aiming to upcycle "local waste into functional and desirable objects", these kits will help you knit a phone case from plastic shopping bags, create sustainable gift wrap and make a fabulous fascinator.

How to enter:

  • - To win the knit your own phone case kit, enter any phone project you've made below.

  • - To win the sustainable gift wrapping kit, enter any gift wrap project you've made below.

  • - To win the fabulous fascinator kit, enter any hair accessory project you've made below.

You can enter up to three times, across any of the categories so good luck!

The contest has closed - winners announced soon!

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