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Publisher's Description

Join the creator of The Black Apple, Emily Martin, on a trip through her magical world of paper dolls, imaginary places, and clever craft projects.
Inside this book you'll find 21 sweet, mysterious characters with clothes and accessories all their own--from a busy beekeeper's daughter to a bird-loving librarian. You'll also find 16 dolls ready to be designed and brought to life by you! Emily will show you how to draw, paint, and personalize your way to a little paper replica of anyone you'd like.
With basic art supplies and the instructions in the book, you'll also learn to:

   * Make a custom wedding invitation or holiday card
   * Color, cut, paste, and frame a unique family portrait
   * Design your own paper clothes, shoes, glasses, and the like
   * Cut and fold an armoire for doll-sized clothes
   * Build a paper theater using one of the illustrated backdrops
   * Direct a stop-motion film with jointed paper doll actors
   * And so much more!
So sharpen your scissors and get ready for a unique and wonderful adventure.