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Publisher's Description

Using only sugar paste and a few simple tools and techniques, this exploration offers hints on crafting charming and dainty sugar fairies. Starting with sound advice on tools and materials, this discussion moves on to creating the figures themselves, outlining traditional types such as the Rose, Blossom, Daisy, and Daffodil fairies as well as the Tooth Fairy and Fairy Godmother. Lesser-known folk are also highlighted, including the Dancing Fairy, Bathing Fairy, and the amply proportioned Cuddly Fairy, covering the essential parts of each figurine before each finished product is fully illustrated. Presenting specific suggestions for various occasions—such as the Baby Fairy for births and christenings, the Chocolate Fudge Fairy for chocoholics, or the Fairy Bride for weddings—this handbook’s characters provide unique gifts for loved ones as well as adornments for sundry celebrations.