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A little rainbow sugar fairy cake topper.

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  • How to make an icing. Rainbow Sugar Fairy - Step 1
    Step 1

    For the head, take the flesh-coloured sugarpaste and pinch off a piece. Use this to make two tiny teardrop shapes for the ears and a tiny pin-head piece for the nose. Form the rest into a ball and use a finger to roll a slight indentation across the middle. Make a hole in the neck end using a dry candy stick. Attach the nose in the centre of the face, and press a mouth shape with the cut drinking straw under the nose. Dampen the sides of the head in line with the nose. Stick the ears on and press in place using a Dresden tool or cocktail stick, forming the ear shape. Make two tiny pin-head size pieces of black sugarpaste for the eyes. Dampen the face to stick them on, slightly above the nose.

  • Step 2

    For the wings, roll out the blue modelling paste and cut it with the largest circle cutter. Roll out the green, red and yellow pastes, and cut them using a smaller size of circle cutter for each one. Dampen the surface of the blue circle and attach the green one, then dampen and attach the red, then the yellow. Cut the circle into quarters (this makes two pairs of wings) and leave to dry for a few hours or overnight.

  • Step 3

    Make the shoes with two pea-sized pieces of coloured sugarpaste. Shape to form a point. Dampen the ends of two of the candy sticks and attach the shoes.

  • Step 4

    Make an egg shape of the blue sugarpaste for the body with a candy stick for support, slightly sticking out. Push the legs into the body.

  • Step 5

    Make coloured petals for the skirt using pea-sized pieces of sugarpaste, flattened and thinned at the edge by pressing them in a plastic sandwich bag. Attach the petals around the body.

  • Step 6

    Take a slightly larger than pea-sized piece of coloured sugarpaste for each arm. Roll to form a long carrot shape, shorter than the legs. Flatten the thin end, and cut a little thumb to make the hand. Position the arms and attach them to the body.

  • How to make an icing. Rainbow Sugar Fairy - Step 7
    Step 7

    For the hair, make lots of small carrot-shaped pieces of different coloured sugarpaste. Dampen the head and attach the strands of hair with the pointed end towards the face and neck. When the head is covered with enough strands of hair, cut out some tiny blossoms in different colours and stick 
on to the top of 
the head.

  • Step 8

    Dampen the end of the candy stick neck and attach the head, looking to one side.

  • How to make an icing. Rainbow Sugar Fairy - Step 9
    Step 9

    Attach the wings with thick edible glue. Prop them up with scrunched-up paper tissue until the glue is dry.

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