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Shane R.
Kay Bay

Publisher's Description

Here’s a guide to baking delicious desserts with a colorful twist: sprinkles! Of course you can scatter them over cakes and pies. But did you know that you can swirl sprinkles into waffles, “embroider” them on cookies, and bake them into pretty pie crusts?! Inside this book you’ll find dozens of creative, colorful, super-fun recipes, plus quick-and-easy projects (ideal for little kids), holiday treats, and party-perfect edible gifts. Learn how to custom tint your own sparkling sugars, mix up sprinkles cocktail rims, and even craft your own sprinkles from scratch. When it comes to sprinkles, the possibilities are endless—and so much fun!


Kay Bay
Kay Bay · London, GB · 28 projects
Awesome book <3 Will definitely have to stock up on sprinkles
Sarah W.
Sarah W. · London, GB · 48 projects
OMG! This book was so made for my mum! She loves sprinkles on almost anything! Sweet!