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Sample Projects

Whiskey And Brown Sugar Cured Gravlax
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Whiskey And Brown Sugar Cured Gravlax

Sweet and slightly peaty, I am very proud of having made gravlax into an almost Irish dish!

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Raspberry And Violet Jam
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Raspberry And Violet Jam

Raspberry jam is one of the most delicious.

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Russian Plum Liqueur

Russian Plum Liqueur

Russians make a myriad of fruit liqueurs and brandies and take great pride in their recipes.

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Publisher's Description

This comprehensive book takes a fresh look at preserving, offering all the basic information you need, but also featuring inspirational recipes from the store cupboards of the world. It covers everything from jams to cures, and shows you that you don't have to have lots of kit and produce to make delicious preserves - or wait forever before eating them.

There are sections filled with expert advice on choosing ingredients and cooking every type of preserve, from marmalades to jellies to relishes to foods preserved in oil. All the classic recipes are included and Diana often gives tips for how to make a version of a classic that suits your palette. For example, she includes a sweet and sticky strawberry jam, a more-fruity and less sweet version, and a Swedish 'nearly' strawberry jam (which is more like a conserve and keeps in the fridge for only a couple of weeks).

But this is also a treasure trove of recipes taken from the world's store cupboards. And most of them are luxuries that can be made from cheap ingredients - such as Thai spiced rhubarb relish, Alsace pear and Riesling jam and tea-smoked trout. Many recipes will also offer alternative ingredients - for example, make sloe gin with cranberries or plums.