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Publisher's Description

This colourful set containing recipe book and 12 silicone cupcake cases is the perfect tool for introducing kids to baking. Children love to help in the kitchen and gain a real sense of achievement as they try new actions by themselves. Kids will learn coordination in measuring out ingredients, develop their number skills in weighing and measuring and gain insight into the transforming effect of heat on food. Baking with even the tiniest of tots may get a little messy at times, but the results are worth it. A family baking session is a great way to spend time together. Instead of giving your children a shop-bought cake, open their young minds to the wonderful variety of textures, smells and tastes of home baking. From Fruity Lunchbox Muffins for school treats to Wiggly Worms for kids' parties, you'll find countless recipes for sweet and savoury delights.