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Publisher's Description

Starting with materials as simple as paper plates or readily available mask blanks, this project book provides an engaging variety of designs for mask making. Ideal for masquerades, children's parties, or any fitting occasion, this guide highlights the most wicked and wonderful possibilities for kids’ disguises, including ?Sizzling Devil,” ?Scary Witch,” ?Glamorous Pumpkin,” ?Sparkly Lion,” ?Robot Warrior,” and ?Lilac Fairy.” Prospects for adults are also presented, such as ?Feather Fantasy,” the alluring ?Glittering Butterfly,” and the theatrical ?Pretty Poppy” and ?Frosted Flower.” Outlining the most basic designs as well as more sophisticated masks, this reference also showcases an array of sundry techniques from painting and collage to papier mâché. An assortment of readily available craft materials including feathers, pastels, raffia, embossing powders, outliner, and sequins are also explored. Full instructions and templates are provided wherever required, and the finished masks are illustrated in detailed photographs. From budding child crafters and partygoers having a first try to experienced artisans, this collection is the definitive companion for fashioning outstanding facades.