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Bringing papercraft to the Sex & The City generation, Girligami by Cindy Ng offers a fresh, fun and fashionable spin on origami.

Filled with dozens of adorable projects, this is a fabulous book for any girly girl - whether she's crafty or not. Fold yourself a set of cute animals, delicious Cool Cupcakes and a Tasty Chocolate-Covered Strawberry, a retro-cool Ancient Phone, and of course, a pair of Foxy Pumps. Each project is accompanied by easy to follow step-by-step instructions and the book includes all the paper required to make each project - although I'd recommend scanning the paper in to your computer first and then printing it out, so that you can make as many of each item as you like.

These projects would be great embellishments for your greetings cards. There's even a section of the book which offers suggestions for turning your origami into accessories and jewelry, such as a pair of Vogue-It Earrings. Do more with paper and learn some awesome girligami!

You can pick up a copy of the book from The GMC Group or Amazon now.

Try out a sample project from the book now - Origami Hearts!

Publisher's Description

The ancient art of origami—updated for today’s teens!

• A new take on a traditional craft

• 20 fantastic designs

• Includes preprinted origami papers to tear out and fold

• Little shoes, little purses, little animals, little hearts . . . where to begin?

Origami is fun. But there’s a limit on how many origami cranes anyone can use in a lifetime. Fortunately, Girligami is here, ready to show cool crafters how to fold outside the box! Twentyd adorable, all-new designs are perfect for anyone who loves fashion, friends, and folding. Oooh, look! Little shoes! Purses! Clothing! Purses! Adorable animals! Valentine hearts! Fortune-tellers! More! More! More! Each project comes with step-by-step directions plus multiple preprinted origami papers to tear out and fold. A separate chapter shows great ways to use the origami crafts, like turning them into earrings and necklaces or adding them to cards and gifts.