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Meet the Author

Hey there, can you introduce yourself?

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Hi, I’m Lynne and I’m a knit and crochet designer, tech editor, author and tutor.
I love designing, and every day endless ideas pop into my head and I quickly reach for my note book and jot them down. At some point they will be sketched out and turned into a pattern for others to use. I really enjoy the process of sketching out an idea then choosing the right yarn in the right shade, and creating something to wear and love.
One of my favourite things is to pass on my skills to others so that they can create lovely things too. There seems to be a never ending line of people wanting to learn to crochet (and knit) so it keeps me busy and I’ve made lots of new friends through my classes.
As well as designing and teaching, I’m also a technical editor and this takes up at least half of my week. I mainly pattern check the maths, proofread, copy edit and format pages for design layout. I’ve worked on some amazing craft titles and love to help make crochet and knitting books the best they can be so that the lovely readers can recreate all of the projects

Tell us a bit about the book?

My latest crochet book is called Fairytale Blankets to Crochet. I’ve designed 10 cute hooded blankets, each with a matching strip of bunting, all inspired by my favourite fairytales and stories that I loved as a child.
There is a polar bear, deer, fish, lion, Red Riding Hood, festive elf, wolf, prince/princess, unicorn and a dragon.
I worked hard to make sure the blankets were not over-complicated as I wanted the book to appeal to all levels of crochet ability, so that everyone can enjoy it. There is a full techniques section with step-by-step guides on how to make all of the stitches, so it’s a great book for beginners too.

What was the inspiration behind it?

My main inspiration came from Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy stories. I once won a school prize which was a lovely story book full of his fairytales and I was enchanted by them all, and even more so by the ‘Hans Christian Anderson’ film starring Danny Kaye. It’s still one of my all-time favourite films. With the help of my book, you can wrap up your little ones all snuggly and warm as you read them a bedtime story.

Which is your favourite project?

I love them all, but the Deer is just so cute and simple to make. Scheepjes Stone Washed yarn is one of my favourite yarns and it is super soft and squishy - perfect for a blanket to cuddle up in. It also creates the fluffiest pompoms too. I also love the fish bunting with the sea creature appliques, which make it a bright and fun project.

What is your craft space like?

I have a room in the house that I work from, and I’ve fondly called it The Woolnest. Whilst I would love to say it’s a neat and tidy space, the truth is that somehow it always gets so messy, especially when I’m looking for something that I know is somewhere amongst the cupboards of yarn.
I’m currently working hard to tidy up The Woolnest and clear out things that I know I will never use, and to pass them on to someone that will use them. And I’m desperately trying to tackle those never-ending Works in Progress that seem to grow all on their own.

Have you always been creative?

I’ve always loved making things and throughout my childhood I would make all sorts of things. Most of my birthday presents would include something that you could make, from knitting and sewing, to resin and plaster. My mum was always sewing and my Nan was always knitting and crocheting, so I think I was inspired by them both to be creative. Mum still knits and crochets and I love to see her creations. I think my Nan would be so proud of the books I’ve written and I so grateful that she was such a creative lady.

When did you first start crafting?

About 12 years ago, it was a friend’s birthday and I’d been playing around with my crochet hooks after a long time away from crafting. I’d forgotten to get a card, so instead I created a little crocheted cake for her. I added a hand-written note, wrapped it up in a bag with a ribbon and gave it to her instead of a card. She absolutely loved it and her reaction made me so happy too. That was the point that I realised I wanted to design things that make people smile. That was my first design and since then I’ve designed many, many more.

Who are your crafty heroes?

This is a tough question as there are so many amazing designers. I love Kate Davies for her signature style garments and accessories and Debbie Bliss for her wonderful designs and technical knowledge. There are also lots of craft bloggers that share their amazing designs and knowledge, including Lucy at Attic 24 for her colourful crochet blankets; Christine Perry for her lovely sock patterns and helpful tutorials, Emma Potter for her gorgeous knit and crochet designs and Emma Varnam for her cute crocheted toys. There are so many amazing designers to choose from, which is great for the craft world.

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration in everything around me - people and places; textiles; the built environment and nature. Nature is a wonderful thing and produces the most spectacular array of colours and textures that can inspire a new design, such as a beautiful sunset, a walk in the woods, a disused building or a stunning landscape. It’s great that mobile phones serve as cameras too, so if I’m out and about and spot something amazing or beautiful, I can quickly snap a photo and save it in my inspiration folder. Then when I’m lacking in inspiration I can look through and feel inspired again.

What's next for you?

I spend most days tech editing, which is my main work area. I’ve also recently published a Tech Editing Masterclass e-course, so that others can learn how to tech edit for crochet too.
And I’m also working on two new books, with are both for knitting – one is all about socks and the other is for hats. I can’t wait to see them being read and used. It’s quite hard writing books and making sure that everything is correct and repeatable, but I do love the technical process and I love it even more when I see all the projects being made and enjoyed by the readers.

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bobbie m.
bobbie m. · Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, US