The people who work at Cut Out + Keep:


Crafterella Crafterella is our crafty superhero, crafting to make the world a better place. Her superpowers range from knitting a jumper in 20 seconds to baking a cake with the click of her fingers.

What she does:

Crafterella is everyone's friend on CO+K and is the first point of contact for any problems or questions that members may have.

Cat Morley

Cat MorleyCat's a craft obsessed journalist living in London. Originally from Scotland, she started Cut Out + Keep as her craft blog while studying Computer Art & Filmmaking at university.

Cat blogs about the things she gets up to at CatMorley.com.

What she does:

Cat deals with all of the content on CO+K, runs the blog, manages and writes for Snippets, makes lot's of crafty projects and deals with all of the email.

Tom Waddington

Tom Tom's a webdesigner and occasional musician. He also works for music website Drowned In Sound.

What he does:

Tom is the code monkey on CO+K and deals with all the technical issues. He built the website from scratch and continues to create new features, fix bugs and help stuck users out.