It is just past midnight and I am stuck at work eagerly eyeing every source of time hoping it would tell me that it was time to go home, but it still said I had a good three hours before I could pack up for the day. Working in customer support for western countries tends to have most people in Bangalore doing night shifts and like every other jock trying to pay his bills and rent, I had joined the bandwagon back when the BPO culture had set in to make quick bucks https://free1080pporn.com/ . Sadly, it became an addiction that I couldn't easily get out of. Over the years, though, I have found that the best way to plod along without going senile is to develop a habit or an interest. With all the swanky dating apps and what not, its tough not to miss hitting the broadside of the barn with a shotgun, and yet that is how fate would have it for me. Bored out of my wits, I decide to go old-school and find an ad-posting site like the erstwhile Craigslist and post a simple, dumb as a spade hookup ad. Reviewing it once again after posting the ad and ruing how lame it looks now, I swipe my screen over to another app and get immersed in it, while going thru the motions with a query at work. Two hours later, I decide to see how my ad had performed and am actually stunned that I have a response. It just says, "26 F Domlur. Ur Num?" This was posted 10 mins earlier and I quickly reply to this with my number. Five minutes later my phone rings. An unknown number. I answer, "Hello?" In a very north-eastern Indian accent, "Hey. You gave me your number sometime back" "Yeah. Am sure you have no doubts about the ad. When do you want to meet?" "Now?" I gulped, checked my watch and thanked fate for finally telling me I could leave work in ten minutes. "I'll leave work in fifteen minutes. Where is your place?" She gave me her address, landmarks and asked me how I'd be coming. Told her, by car. "Let's go for a drive then." She said suddenly. "I'll meet you at the gate. I'll be in a frock." After hanging up, I went to the men's room for a quick dash before almost running down to my car. I get in, key in the ignition, program the navigation and in under 10 minutes am at the gate of the apartment. A quick call to let you know I've reached and a couple minutes later, I see the gate opening and a lady wearing a dull colored frock step out. With distinct North-Eastern Indian features to the face and thick, jet black hair styled like a pixie, and flawless skin, she comes around, gets into the passenger seat and offer me her hand to shake. I look at her, frozen for a second before taking it, shaking it twice and kissing it before letting go. She smiles, shy and surprised. I pull out of the lane, drive out of the colony and ask her how far and how long? She just says, drive for an hour and then turn around. I head to the expressway leading to the airport to give us some privacy and free roads and we make conversation. She tells me she's been in Bangalore only for a few months now, working here. Has a boyfriend, but something isn't clicking. She was alone, sleepless and horny when she came across my ad. She particularly loved the fact that I had mentioned "love oral sex and am a sucker for the 69!". I thought that line was pretty lame when I put it in, but apparently that shit worked! With that acting as the breaching, the dam exploded and we began talking about our fetishes, kinks, turn-ons and that is when I mentioned that I get turned on by women who don't wear bras or panties. She turned to look at me as I drove, I looked back at her and she reached into her frock, undid her bra, removed it, wrapped it around the gearshift, and slid her panties down, reached over to me, made me sniff it and put it down my shirt's neck https://free1080pporn.com/category/mature-porn-paysites/ . All this in under a minute and I was blown! I told her that it was a major turn on and I just got hard. She looked down at my growing tent in my jeans and looked back up at me and said, "You know, I've always wanted to suck a guy off in the car while he is driving". I know I heard it, but I just turned to look at her to confirm, while my cock was trying to get more blood supplied to it and get bigger. Without another word, she leaned across, undid my jeans, fly, and pulled out my cock and looked at it for a second before engulfing it with her warm tongue. Sigh! I was just happy that we were on the national highway where there were no signals, cops or door-to-door traffic and at 3.45 AM. She continued to lusciously lick my cock from base to tip, around the shaft and finally taking it in her mouth allowing her warm breath and saliva to do its magic. After a few minutes, she sat upright in the seat and asked me a no-brainer, "Liked it?". A coy smile dangling on her pointed face. Without bothering to reply, I just extended my free arm over to her, caressed her face, neck, trailed it over her chest, located a nipple and gave it a gentle squeeze. A soft "Ah!" escaped her mouth and I just kept rubbing it for a bit, before trailing further down south, lifting the hem of her frock to feel her pussy. It was bald, closed with just a hint of moistness around the tip and I let me fingers show her some love. Nothing rushed. It was slow caresses, which progressed into gentle rubs and then into an occasional finger dipping inside to flick the clit once I knew where it was. She was loving this and just sat writhing and moaning softly, while I continued this for a few minutes. Realising that we were approaching a highway-toll junction, we decide to turn around when she says, "My place. Quick." I didn't need anymore prodding. I drove like a maniac possessed and covered the 20-odd kilometers, which took us an hour, in under 30 minutes. It also helped that she had her hand around my cock and was stroking me slowly, occasionally moistening it with saliva and had me going till we got to her place. She told me to park the car out on the street in front of her apartment, and follow her quietly lest we wake the night-guard up. We took the stairs up one level and waited quietly while she unlocked her apartment and rushed in. The door was shut, latched, a dull light switched on, footwear kicked away and we crushed into each other kissing like parched sailors. It was aggressive, passionate, quiet, forceful and with a lot of tongue. Without breaking this, we moved across the hall to a couch and plonked in now hitting second and third base effortlessly. My hands had undone the front buttons on her frock, cupping and caressing her ample breasts and flicking her large areoles while she undid my shirt, moved her panties away along with my shirt and starting gently pinching my nipples and squeezing my man-boobs. With the torso cleared of debris, we progressed down to our nether regions to feel and caress, stroke and finger, cup and cover each other. We broke the kiss in between to catch our breaths and went straight back in for such a long time, that we lost track of time. Eventually we realised we had more to do. With her frock gathered at her waist, I lifted her up, made her stand, one leg on the couch, lean in over my face and drape her leg over the back of the couch while I let my tongue get a taste of her wet and squelching pussy. Once contact was made, both my hands reached to cup her ass and shove it into my face as I ate her out like an animal. I ran long and broad strokes with my tongue across the length of her slit, while occasionally flicking her clit, and once in a while letting it explore the walls of her tunnel. Seeing her enjoy this, I decided to push the envelope further and let it run deeper down her crack till my tongue found her asshole and let it dip in quickly. The reaction was instant. She bucked, froze, ass cheeks clenched up, gasped audibly, threw her head back, and then released herself to more of this sensation. Within a few minutes, my tongue was running non-stop express routes between her pussy and her asshole. She must have come twice over my face in all this and was now rubbing her pussy over my mouth and nose. I let this happen a couple of times, then decided to try giving her a new sensation. So the next time she ran her pussy that high on my face, I gently dove a finger into her asshole and she almost shrieked. With that she got off me, collapsed onto the couch next to me and stared at me like she was in a daze. "That was a couple of fucking new things you did with me and my ass! I've never felt so much ecstasy before!" "I'm glad. Am a tits and ass guy and really love diving deep." "Clearly!" Without another word, she leaned across and kissed my face before homing in to my cock. She pulled my jeans off, settled herself down into a comfortable position and began licking, stroking, teasing, swirling, rubbing her tongue over my cock. Just the way I love it. Most women think a blowjob is just taking a cock in the mouth and letting your lips rub over your nerves, but that's not it. Its the way the tongue treats you that makes a great blowjob and this woman was giving me the most epic fucking tongue lashing I've only dreamed of while wetting myself. Half-dazed and half-aware I tell her, "I'm cumming.". No fucks were given. She soldiered on, sucking my cock, tugging it, and milking it while I drained everything into her mouth. She swallowed it and continued to suck my cock well after, this time, cupping my scrotum and snaking a finger towards my asshole. That was a whole new world of pleasure for me, right then. Feeling helpless and wanting to do something too, I lifted her head, looked into her eyes and lay down the entire length of the couch. Not a word was uttered. With my cock in her mouth, she swivelled around, brought her ass close to my face, swung one leg over to settle in next to my left arm and lowered her pussy onto my waiting tongue. The instant my tongue entered the folds of her pussy, she let go of my cock, let out a sigh and took my cock back into her mouth. She repeated this once more a few seconds later when I inserted a finger into her asshole. We were at each other like a malfunctioning see-saw, if somebody had to see us. A little while later she released my cock, patted my thigh, looked back over her shoulder at me and said the magic words, "Get inside me. Now." She scooted forward, leaned on the upholstered armrest of the couch and wiggled her butt at me. I didn't need an invitation. Getting up, balancing myself and positioning myself behind her, I quickly bend down to lick her asshole once again before straightening up and guiding my cock into her tight, wet pussy. Starting off with slow, long and deep strokes, we quickly found a rhythm and maintained it, taking care to slow down and pace ourselves for the experience. Somewhere in between, I wet my thumb and inserted it into her asshole which put her in a frenzy and she bucked against me aggressively. After a while, my cock slipped out and while guiding it back to her pussy, gently slid it up to her asshole and rimmed the edge for a couple seconds, looking at her for any signs of protest. All I got was a slow and long nod of her head, and that was all the motivation I needed. I slid my cock tip into her asshole and she gasped. Slowly, with gentle back and forth motions, I slid more and more into her until finally my entire cock was inside her ass and stroking it seamlessly. If you have never put your cock into an asshole, let me tell you this, there is no turning back! She was in a whole new world of pleasure and ecstasy that I came inside her ass while she came as well at the same time. We stayed in that position, motionless for a couple minutes, spent. Then I felt my calves burning and cramping, and pulled out of her https://free1080pporn.com/category/pornstar-directory-sites/ . We sat down on the couch, breathing heavily and trying to regain our breaths and composure. Once done, we sat hugging each other, talking and reliving the sensations, while caressing and fingering each other as well. In a few minutes, we felt the warmth of dawn on our exposed backs and necks and realised we had been with each other for close to 4 hours. We walked to the shower, had a warm shower and a make out session, before I finally got dressed, kissed her and looked at the clock again as I walked out of her apartment, it was 7 AM. Man, times does fly!

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