'Can you check it out?' Sarah asked, her voice heartbreakingly sweet. Like butter wouldn't melt.

I sighed. She knows how to play you.

I knew she was crap at horror movies, and that jumping out at her from behind a door can make her cry, but this was a new level of scared-y cat.

'Sure. But I'm in the duff, so lemme get my PJs on and I'll take a look - https://collectionofbestporn.pro/ .'

'Thanks,' she whispered, before closing the door. I heard her shuffled back towards her room, which was further from the living room than mine.

I considered, for a.moment, just finishing myself off and then telling her everything was fine, but truthfully there was a strange smell - the tree. And she'd heard a rustling?

Shit, I thought. Maybe a rat or something caught a ride.

The idea made my skin crawl, but, truthfully I was still so keyed up and horny that I felt a little... daring.

The dildo I had still hanging out of me had a flat base, just to stop it, you know, getting lost inside you. So, I pushed it to the hilt, feeling the smooth plastic stretching me deep, filling me nicely; the size meant it was enough to shift and rub my sweet spots as I moved, without being uncomfortable. The pad pressed nicely against my trimmed mound, too, brushing my clit as I pulled my own pyjamas over it.

Soppiness be damned - so long as I turned the lights off Sarah would never notice.

My pyjamas were a pseudo elf costume; striped leggings with green shorts patterned onto them. They were quite thick, too, so once they were over my hips there was enough clout there to hold the dildo - or long, thin pussy plug - inside me. I pulled the cord tight and tied a quick bow at my waist, so they were tight against my pussy. If I didn't have the toy in, this would have definitely given me the deepest cameltoe ever, but as it was I just felt sexy. I could feel my juices seeping into the crotch as I buttoned up the pyjama top - they were just pop-on buttons, but they added to the elf effect. Plus, with no tee underneath, I suspected that, at the right angle, someone looking might get a bit of an eyeful, which just added to my already silly arousal.

I crossed the room, legs wobbly after my cut-short session, the tension in me building again as my long-awaited orgasm twirled around the thin plastic cock inside me, shifting as I walked. On one step, it would rock to the left, dragging against my inner walls, slick and mischievous. On the next, the base would roll over my clit, and the shaft would roll over, putting pressure on the right side.

Left, right, left, right, I fucked myself - https://collectionofbestporn.pro/category/sex-chat-sites/ .

Chest heaving, I could feel the soft, slightly fuzzy fabric against my eraser nipples, the soft brushing sending jolts through me as my hips swayed, subconsciously climbing higher, towards the cliff edge. I tried to steady myself before heading into the hall.

The smell was significantly stronger in here, permeating the air all around me. It smelled like... somewhere between cut grass and petrol. It wasn't bad, per se, but it also wasn't what you wanted to be smelling at almost midnight.

I flicked on the lamp as I entered the living room, letting warm orange light spill over everything.

The thing inside kept my attention split, however, and I was struggling to see anything out of place. The sofa was clear, shoes in the corner undisturbed, TV on standby. Even the tree looked...

Hold on, I thought, my eyes on the Christmas tree, as-yet undecorated. I'm sure we put the gap at the back.

In fact, I was certain of it.

But, it was impossible to ignore - the section of tree where there were no branches, no little sticks poking out, nothing, was now facing out into the room.

In fact, it was facing me.

Taking an uneasy step, the movement inside me sending a song of pleasure up my body. I moaned, now, despite knowing Sarah would likely be listening in. Couldn't help it, even if it was just a small one.

I approached the tree, enjoying those shifting sensations inside me, and tried to work out if it could have rolled in any way, or if the base was broken. Clearly Sarah had nothing to be scared of, but I didn't want the damn thing to come down overnight either.

As I bent to inspect the bottom, I heard a rustle.

I froze.

A rat wasn't scary, but I had zero intention of having to go to the hospital for, like, rabies injections or whatever. Not on Christmas Eve.

All I had to do was not startle it - https://hotmyfreecams.com/.

Careful, I commanded of myself. Careful, Andi.

As I stood, the collar of my pyjama shirt snagged on a branch. I felt it catch, scratching lightly at my skin.

Still, that stench filled my nostrils.

I tugged again, and heard another rustling sound, this time much larger. The damn near whole tree was shaking!

I gasped, falling back as the branches shifted - and I mean shifted. They moved before my eyes, unlike anything I've ever seen before. The green needles of leaves fanned out, brushing my side. I yelped, pulling away, but another branch clamped on the other side.

My right arm was trapped between the hard wood, and I felt it twist around me. Both branches became malleable, wrapping around my arm, pulling on me, drawing me in.

I realised that the other branches had parted, and the 'gap' I had seen earlier was gaping open before me. The branches on my arm yanked me, and I fell inwards, mostly upright, the other branches direction my body until the back of my head hit the trunk at the middle.

'What the fu-mmMH!'

A branch, still wooden to the touch, wrapped around my head, across my mouth. My jaw was held open as it pressed in, between my lips and teeth, gagging me.

My right arm was pulled out from my body, just as more branches started to wrap around my other limbs. My left arm was matched, wrapped and yanked outwards, while I felt two wood-like tentacles - my heart sunk as I realised what they were - at my ankles. They closed in on me, holding my feet to the floor as I struggled.

Cruelly, the movement and energy resulted in the thin, buried dildo repeatedly grinding into me, assaulting my g-spot and lightly patting my clit as I was wrenched into unmoving bondage by this tree

Tree?! I thought. There's no way this is a tree!

It must be an alien, or some mutated thing, or a monster - it was so stupid, and I knew I wasn't thinking straight, but as the thing stretched me outwards, I felt the cock inside me drag against my clit at just the right angle.

Oh, god please n-

I felt all that tension, all of that blue-ballsed energy that had been roiling inside my stupid, horny little head burst. It shuddered through me, like lightning through my pussy, making my muscles clamp down on my dildo like a fist, my arms in tangles and my ankles anchored in strange holds that gave me just enough leeway to writh in this creatures grasp.

My back arched as the orgasm cascaded through my body, making me unwillingly groan as bliss shot through me. The pop-buttons on my shirt burst as I moved, freeing my tits, letting the soft fabric brush my nipples, pulling yet more from me.

In any other situation, the bound arms and slow teasing would have been phenomenal; now, it was almost rape. Except, it wasn't, because this thing hadn't done anything sexual. It was just holding me there as I came, a slave to my own arousal.

The worst thing? It was amazing.

I moaned into the branch in my mouth, my teeth grinding at it but not making a dent.

As I came down, still feeling the warm dampness of my ruined pyjamas, the toy wedged in me still teasing me horribly, and my breasts now open to the room, I took a breath.

The stench was worse now, almost offensive to my senses, and it was everywhere. I could, however, smell myself underneath - a mix of cum and sweat. The mix of self-induced foreplay, memories of being butt-fucked by Richard, almost being caught by Sarah, and the uncaring, alien creature that had entrapped me were just too much.

'Fmmk', I sighed, trying to get my bearings. Post-orgasm clarity would usually set in, but the weirdness of what was going on kept me slightly off balance.

What does it want?

I knew a little about carnivorous plants; they trapped flies in acid, or in a claw or something. Then they were digested.

Wonderful, I thought.

Now that I had relaxed a little, though, the tightness of the binds on my arms has slackened. Not much, but enough to no longer be uncomfortable. As soon as I tried to pull an arm out, though, they tightened right back up.

My ankles were the same; when I stood naturally, I could barely feel them, but as soon as I tried to move, they clamped down.

They want me to stay, but not to be in pain.

My mind reeled as I tried to make sense of what was going on. This... thing seemed sentient, or at least was instinctual, which a fucking tree would not be.

Now that I was still, I felt it continue its exploration; tendrils of wood, branches or roots or whatever, wound up my arms, snaking around me. They were stiff and sturdy, as I could feel in my mouth, but moved with alarming speed.

My head was fixed forward by the gag, so I was only able to feel the shifting of wood around my feet, climbing up my ankles. With a start, however, I realised that the tendril scaling my left leg was inside my pyjamas, grazing my skin and making me shiver.
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