My Name is Kate Palmer - better known as Sparkle tart, I’m 40+ and live in Townsville, Australia.
I share my beautiful, tropical home with my husband and 2 cuddly cats. I work full time at a local university, helping people navigate the world of computers.
In 1996 I bought my first rubber stamp and the rest, as they say, is history.

I'm a firm believer that 'art should be fun - It's all about being creative, enjoying yourself and making pretty stuff!

Being creative with paints, inks, pens, markers etc. is just part of me – I've had a pencil or brush in my hand as long as I can remember (though I haven't always known how to use them properly, I hope to be still learning right up to my last day!). Being creative helps me deal with stress and anxiety, I've found that art calms the nerves on a bad day and on better days, well it's just plain good fun! That’s why I completely adore mixed media and art journaling, no rules, use whatever products you have and go where the mood takes you!

Oh - and how did I get THAT name! I was happily creating in my art room, painting and fiddling with glitter - I hadn't noticed I'd leaned in the glitter and had it all up my arms. My hubby walked in took one look, laughed and said "Well aren't you a sparkle tart!" - the name stuck.

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