The next morning, Jack was first to wake, he lay in the bed with mum on the left and Aunt May on the right, he was reflecting on what had happened. Last night had surprised him, to end up in bed with his mum and her sister was unthinkable but had occurred with the willingness of all parties involved. The lovemaking with Aunt May and mum last night had been incredible and thrilling, mum and Aunt May were like Aunt Jo, incredible lovers. Jack thought of Aunt Jo; he must speak with her today, for the last fifteen years, she had been his faithful and loyal lover, then in the previous four months they had drifted apart, Jack was sure that neither of them wanted this, it had just turned out this way. Jack thought of the terrific times he had with Aunt Jo, they had spent so much time in bed, but they had also spent so much time working together, they were a good team. Jack thought of how Aunt Jo loved anal; Jack wondered if mum and Aunt May would love it as much. Aunt May was next to wake; she smiled, then kissed Jack tenderly with much affection. Jack was happy; all three sisters were great kissers. They kissed and touched for several minutes; Aunt May was dripping wet, Jack then used some of her cunt juice as lube, he slid his middle finger inside Aunt May's ass, Aunt Jo purred with pleasure as Jack's index finger joined his middle finger inside Aunt May's ass. Mum then woke up; Jack said, "Good morning, I hope that you slept well, mum, this morning I'm going to try something a little different, have you any lube?" Mum smiled, "Good morning, I've never been asked that first thing in the morning before, yes, I've some K-Y in my toiletries bag, shall I get it for you?" Jack answered, "Yes, please, mum, Aunt May's ass feels so tight." Mum brought the K-Y, then said, "Jack, I'm an anal virgin. I'm also inquisitive." Aunt May said, "I'm an anal virgin too, that feels so good, I can only imagine how good your cock would feel inside me!" Jack said, "Mum, would you lube Aunt May's ass for me https://bestpornever.me/category/agregators-porn-sites/ ? When she can take four fingers then she's ready for me, then you can lube my cock before I ass fuck your sister." Mum said, "Baby, I'll do it, that makes me so fucking hot; I love it when you talk dirty to me." May said, "I'm the same. I'm looking forward to this." Jack watched as mum lubed Aunt May's ass; there was something so sexy in the way she applied the lube. Then she did Jack's magnificent erect cock. Jack then bent Aunt May over an armchair, letting her grip the arms which gave her some support. As Aunt spread her legs open, Jack went behind her, positioning the bulbous head of his cock on her tight ass hole, he gave a gentle push, his cock disappeared inside Aunt May's tight ass, she had taken the full length. Soon, Jack, had a powerful rhythm going, he was also stroking Aunt May's huge clit as he pounded her ass. Aunt May was purring with pleasure; she loved what she was experiencing. From nowhere she had her first vaginal orgasm, the head of Jack's cock was stimulating Aunt May's G-spot which gave her an orgasm, Aunt May said, "Jack, that's wonderful, you're stimulating my G-spot, what an orgasm you've given me, keep going, I want another one." Aunt May didn't get one; she got two more body-shaking orgasms, she loved it. Jack then pulled out and slid his cock inside Aunt May's very wet pussy; it felt so good as Aunt May was gripping Jack's cock tightly. Both their coordination helped the other; they were working as one and giving the other so much pleasure. Aunt May had a fantastic orgasm; she was so noisy with it, her cries of satisfaction filled the room. When she had composed herself, Aunt May said, "Jack, that was unbelievable, you've taken my anal virginity, it was so good, I want that again." Mum said, "I want it now, May, lube my ass, so I'm ready for Jack." Aunt May then started to lube mum's ass; it didn't take her long; Jack's cock was still erect; it was still so hard, it looked so impressive. When mum was ready, Jack used the same armchair that he had used with Aunt May, he then went behind mum, Aunt May had lubed mum's ass well, a gentle push and Jack was deep inside his mum's ass, mum said, "Baby, it feels so good, the head of your cock is hitting my G-spot, now I know what May meant, it feels so good." Jack continued to pound his mum's ass; he was stroking her massive clit as he rode her. Ten minutes later, mum had her third vaginal orgasm coming from Jack's stimulation of her G-spot, mum said, "That's wonderful, I'm like May, I want this again too, what an orgasm you get from it, Jack, take your time with the next bit, I'm so hot." Jack then slid his massive cock inside his mum's hot, wet and hungry cunt; mum was teasing his cock with her gripping, it felt so good as she gripped at the base and head of every thrust. Jack was stroking his mum's clit as he rode her, mum loved it when he did this. Jack was now getting a powerful rhythm going; mum was pushing her pussy hard against Jack's hammering cock, Jack could feel himself getting close but wanted to bring his mum off first, he just kept pounding away. Jack sensed mum was close; everything felt so good, all of a sudden mum said, "I'm cuming." Jack felt the warmth of her cum on his cock then within seconds of mum climaxing; Jack shot his load deep inside his mum's hungry cunt. Jack looked at the alarm clock on the bedside cabinet; it was just ten to nine, this Saturday had started with a bang. For the next twenty minutes mum and Aunt May chatted, they were both excited about going to the cottage. Then Aunt Jo phoned, she told them that two months ago a local fisherman had taken over the only pub in the village, he had converted it into a seafood and steak restaurant, the seafood was so fresh, it all came off his boats. The steaks came from a first-class butcher, who hung the meat on the bone for five weeks. It was decided that they would lunch there at twelve, Aunt Jo would come to mum's at eleven-thirty, they would all travel down in the one car. Jack showered then had a lazy morning; he caught up on his emails. At eleven, he went to the kitchen and made himself a coffee; he was drinking it in the kitchen when Aunt Jo arrived early, five minutes later, she looked stunning. Jack offered her a coffee saying mum and Aunt May were still dressing. Aunt Jo knew exactly what was happening, she took Jack in her arms, they tongue kissed tenderly and with affection for a couple of minutes, Aunt Jo whispered, "I've missed you so much, I'm free again, I made the wrong decision, that chapter in my life is now closed, can I see you tonight?" Jack hugged her then said, "Aunt Jo, I've missed you too, today play it by ear, I'm having sex with mum and Aunt May, I think the best way forward is if you join our little group. It's better if we don't rush things, I'm sure that it can happen, would you be comfortable if it did happen?" Aunt Jo pulled Jack closer to her; he felt the weight of her magnificent tits on his chest; he felt her push her pussy against his leg with a slow, sexy circular motion. Aunt Jo whispered, "Baby, I'd love that to happen, let's come out into the open, we must make it look as it's just happened, Dot and May can't know about the last fifteen years. Flirt with me today; I'll give you some serious flirting back, I'm sure we'll end up all four of us in bed tonight." They heard someone moving outside; it was mum then Aunt May appeared, they both looked stunning. They all chatted, very friendly among themselves then they left for the seafood restaurant. Lunch was delicious; all the ladies had the seafood platter; it was so fresh. Jack had a steak; it melted in his mouth when he paid the bill, he said to the manager that the food was better than the Grand Hotel and at a fraction of the cost, they would be back. They went back to the cottage; mum had brought several bottles of Champagne, Jack opened the bottle and filled their glasses, they were all excited with the memories that the cottage held for the three sisters. For the next two hours, there was lots of chat. The three sisters decided that they would buy the cottage, they would upgrade it to modern standards but save as many of the old features that they could. They finished the Champagne that they had opened then left for mums. Mum dropped Aunt Jo and Jack off at her house then she and Aunt May went shopping, it was too much temptation for Jack and Aunt Jo, they were naked and in bed within two minutes. They were both so hungry for the other, Aunt Jo said, "I've missed you so much, we need to find a way that's acceptable to Dot and May. I have the feeling that they went shopping to give us time to ourselves, I've also the feeling that the cottage has brought the three sisters closer to each other, Jack, ass fuck me first, I've missed that so much." Jack got some of mum's lube; they were kissing and touching as Jack lubed Aunt Jo's ass, Jack knew one thing, Aunt Jo wanted him as much as he wanted her. They were teasing each other when they kissed and touched; Aunt Jo knew precisely what Jack enjoyed; Jack also knew everything that Aunt Jo liked. Jack positioned Aunt Jo on all fours on the bed, her ass high in the air but at the same height as Jack's massive cock, Aunt Jo's ass was well lubed, with a slight push, he was deep inside her tight ass. He slowly got a powerful rhythm going; that was the way Aunt Jo liked it. Jack was stroking her massive clit as he rode her. Then Aunt Jo had her first vaginal orgasm, then her second followed closely by a vast body-shaking third, Aunt Jo loved it, she was purring with pleasure. Jack pulled out then turned Aunt Jo around; they kissed tenderly with much affection, Aunt Jo said, "I love it when you ass fuck me, Jack. It feels so good and gives me so much pleasure, I'd like to on top now, I want to give you the best ride of your life, I'd also like you to suck on my tits and play with my clit as I ride you, I want to feel you inside my hungry cunt so much." Jack lay on the bed, Aunt Jo squatted over him, teasing her massive clit with the bulbous head of his cock. Aunt Jo was so good at this, so many happy memories were flooding back to Jack. Aunt Jo centred Jack's cock in the middle of her long sex slit; she pushed down, Jack's massive cock vanished inside her hot, wet and hungry cunt. For the next thirty minutes, they had the most fantastic sex, everything that they did was to give the other pleasure. Aunt Jo's gripping was unbelievable; she was applying just the right amount of pressure to keep Jack's cock continually tingling https://bestpornever.me/xvideos/ . Aunt Jo must have sensed Jack was close to cuming; she started to pound down on Jack's cock then they both climaxed within seconds of each other. Aunt Jo lent down and kissed Jack so tenderly then said, "That was wonderful, I needed that so much, we should shower before Dot and May get back, they'll be able to smell the sex from us." Ten seconds later they both heard mum's voice; she said, "Hi, guys, we're home, we will have a glass of Champagne in the lounge, feel free to join us when you're finished." Jack and Aunt Jo looked at each other then kissed, both knowing that they did not need to be discreet any longer.
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