"Your server was busy." Looking right at Kerry's nipples poking through, then admiring what he can see of her body sitting down, "Would you like anything to drink ma'am?" Looking directly up to his eyes, as she enhances her smile, "A chocolate milk please." Keeping his eyes on Kerry, "Anyone else need anything?" Marcus saying, "Just more coffee please." Pausing some more, as he walks away, "I'll be right back with the chocolate milk and coffees." Maryann says to Kerry, "Could he stare any longer and be that obvious? Why don't you get some food, we will wait here?" Kerry gets up leaving her bag in the empty corner of the table, she goes up to the buffet. Again, heads follow her movements going up to the buffet area and then back to the table. Kerry loving & enjoying the stares and every look she is getting. "So, Maryann told me a little bit of your evening and how you were upgraded to the Presidential suite, tell me more about last night?" Maryann starts telling Kerry, all excited, "Wait until you see our suite, Kerry my love, you won't believe it!" She then continues telling Kerry about, "The show, how they ate in a private area, at the restaurant, etc." As the waiter approaches, making sure he waited for Kerry's return, he again stares into Kerry's blue yes, placing the chocolate milk in front of her then pouring the coffee for Maryann & Marcus. He says, "Chocolate milk for the very beautiful model with coffees for the Vanderman's." Getting a combined, "Thank you." He starts walking away. Kerry stops him, "Excuse me sir, can you please do me a favor?" As his head spins, nearly coming off his head in excitement, "Yes, Ma'am anything?" "Would you please be kind enough to take a couple of pictures of the three of us, with Times Square in the background?" Both Kerry & Marcus handing him their cell phones, as Kerry continues loving the tease. All three stand up, with their backs to the window, placing Marcus in the middle, Maryann on one side, Kerry on the other. Arms around each other's waist, Marcus on purpose, with anyone that can see, grabs his sister's ass then holds it, as the waiter is snapping pictures with his camera https://bestfreehdporn.pro/category/vr-porn-sites/ . Marcus, then puts his arm back around Kerry's waist. The waiter snaps another couple of pictures, then takes a couple with Kerry's as Marcus grabs on purpose, Maryann's ass next, snap. Kerry of course, as well as the other two, notice the waiters new bulge in his pants, as he hands back their cell phones. Giving Marcus, his cell phone back, he whisper's, "I got a few personal ones, of the red head for you, wink, wink, don't let your wife see them or else?" Marcus winks, back, mouthing, "Thank you very much." Kerry goes back to eating then starts laughing, after hearing the waiter's whisper to her brother, almost spitting out the food from her mouth. "She says, I love NYC, however, I love even more how they have you two listed, as Mr. & Mrs., I can't wait for the real event." Maryann tells her, "I know even at the show last evening we were called Mr. & Mrs. But kidding around, she says, we were divorced by the time we hit the restaurant." "They called us Mr. Vanderman & Ms. Fredrick there except Marcel the owner, as it turns out he along with his wife, Elizabeth, are dear longtime friends of your moms. He called us Mr. Marcus & Ms. Maryann. Typical though, your brother was a real butt head over our divorce, however Kerry, he did the gentleman thing by, carrying me over the threshold." Kerry says, "Too funny and yes he can be a butt head sometimes, but we still love him. Are you folks ready to hit the room, so I can pee, drop off my bag, then we can see some of the sights. I can assume in a laughing tone, that I am sleeping in the master suite bed with you two and not my own room?" "Sounds good on leaving and of course dear, my 2nd wife for tonight or is it my mistress?" Maryann ignoring him, says, "I'll get the check, my invite, my treat." The female server this time comes over, also checking out Kerry's outfit. "May I help you, Mrs. Vanderman?" "I'll take a check please?" "Will that be a room charge or credit card charge?" "Credit card, thank you." Maryann gets the check, handing her a Maryann Frederick credit card. The server looks at the card then walks off to process it. Returns, Maryann adds some tip to the charge, "Thanks her." Then takes her receipt & card. Marcus gets up first, helps Maryann then Kerry, taking Kerry's bag, they head back to their room, as heads watch the three of them leave. In the elevator, Marcus & Kerry both, "Thank you Maryann for the brunch." Maryann says, "No problem, my pleasure." Chapter four They arrive in the room; Kerry is given the grand tour and can't believe how large it is. Her bag is brought into Maryann's dressing room. Kerry then runs into a bathroom, pulls down her leggings then starts to pee. She wipes herself really well, flushes, then washes her hands. Meanwhile both Marcus & Maryann each hit a bathroom doing the same. They all meet up in the sitting area. From her leather jacket pocket, Kerry then presents a gift to Maryann & her brother consisting of three platinum rings, 2 toe rings, with one for herself with the other for Maryann, the other a pinky ring for Marcus. There was a very, very small inscription on each ring. KM&MB4. "Meaning, Kerry, Maryann & Marcus Bonded Forever or Kerry, Marcus & Maryann Bonded Forever." "To bond us together and show our love for each other, I gift you both these rings." "Do you accept our bonding?" Both Marcus and Maryann both say, "Yes, this is the sweetest gift ever Kerry, we love it and will always be bonded to you. You have both of our love, always." The three of them hug each other with kisses exchanged, Kerry & Maryann, then Marcus & Kerry, then Maryann & Marcus. Kerry says, "Marcus, I am dying to see the pictures on your phone that the waiter took, especially after the private whisper?" Marcus turns on their large 60-inch room TV, sync's his phone to broadcast the photos to their TV. The first two of them with hands around the other's waist, are innocent. They next three, as they laugh, are zoomed in on Kerry's nipples poking out of her sweater, then another one of Marcus grabbing her ass. In unison, "They start laughing even harder", then say, "Let's hit the city?" They do the tourist stuff, walk around Times Square, take the train to Wall street to see the bull posting pictures to Facebook, of them sitting together on the bull. Then they hit the 911 memorial. Then back to their hotel. Of course, the threesome is having a blast together. They get back to the hotel, a different doorman, checks them out, nodding a 'hello', they all walk to the elevators. In the elevators, they remove their jackets. Back at the room, they notice, the room is clean, all morning dishes are removed and their hot tub is on with bubbles foaming up. Maryann starts stripping right there peeling down her jeans, then rolls off her thong, taking off her tunic. As Kerry slides down her legging's san underwear, then off with her sweater, they both head into the hot tub nude. Marcus's eyes blinked in the time they got nude. He starts taking off his black jeans, then boxer shorts and dress shirt then socks, adding them to the pile of clothes the two girls left on the floor. He then heads into the hot tub, joining the two girls, who are already starting to both relax. With the soap bubbles all around their bodies, the three just lay in their corner on the head rests, Marcus find the remote on the side table and starts some music. The three of them just relax in the warm water with the bubble bath soap floating around them. Kerry says, "This was worth the trip down to the City, the heck with any sex later, this is it for me." With that statement, both Marcus with Maryann adjust one of their feet to move over towards Kerry's pussy, then they both in sync start using their toes to rub it, Marcus has the shortest reach so he plants his big toe at the entrance to her pussy, moving it over to her clit. As he starts rubbing, Maryann decides, with Kerry's eyes closed, as she is enjoying the feel of both of them on her pussy with the warm water of the hot tub, to start sucking on her nipples. Marcus then hits the remote for the jets under Kerry's seat to start pumping water right at her ass & pussy area. Maryann also feeling the jets, moves closer to Kerry, as they start a passionate kissing session. Marcus sitting back enjoying the view of his sister and girlfriend making out together. Kerry starts rubbing then pitching Maryann's nipples. Maryann takes her hands-on Kerry's face holding their kiss, pushing them closer. Maryann from the jets at her pussy, Kerry playing with her small breasts, breaks out of the kiss to start sucking on Kerry's elongated nipples first then her breasts. With the bubbles in his way, prior to Marcus moving over to the two girls, he hits the remote for all the jets to fire up, then gets closer to the two girls to watch them continue playing. As he gets closer, Kerry removes a hand off Maryann to place it on Marcus's penis. Noticing this action, Maryann does the same thing. The two girls together start to jerk off Marcus in the hot tub, not caring about if any of his cum flows into their water. Marcus is remaining mostly passive, letting the two girls play with him and then themselves. Holding her breathe, Kerry goes underwater to blow him first, blows out a little then wraps her lips around Marcus's penis, sucks a little bit on it, then Maryann follows Kerry's lead, repeating what Kerry did. This continues for a few more minutes. Housekeeping hits the intercom, "Checking if you want turn-down service?" Marcus is about to shoot his load, big time, from the continuous torture on his penis by both Kerry & Maryann. He yells out almost in a whisper, "NO thannnkkss, we are all setttt." "OK, have a great night, Mr. & Mrs. Vanderman, hearing a slight giggle, before the speaker shuts off." Marcus starts then moving his hips out of the water to begin cumming into Kerry's mouth then feels Maryann's catching the balance. Both girls come up for air, first Kerry then Maryann, each with a mouth full of Marcus's cum. Marcus is saying, "That was some great underwater aerobics girls, I loved it thanks." Maryann replies, "Please give us a minute to relax, then let's get out of here, dry off then order dinner, it must be getting late?" Both girls go over to Marcus, as he brings them in for group hug, kissing Maryann first, tasting his cum, then kisses Kerry just as passionately, again tasting his cum. After a little bit he starts to get out of the tub, shutting the jets, then taking three towels off the table, handing one to Kerry then to Maryann. The three dry themselves off. With the towels around their waist as they finish drying themselves, both girls run into Maryann's dressing room to each pee then blow dry their hair. Marcus goes into his dressing room, as well with a towel wrapped around him, after cumming like he did, he pees, cleans himself up, then throws on a robe to order room service. Via the computer screen in their suite he orders room service then tries adding a bottle of pinot grigio wine to see if they are served. Then orders a seafood tower with extra oysters not in the mood for anything else fancy, they add a Veal parmigiana with pasta to share. The two girls are cleaning the butt plug and other toys they plan on using on Marcus later this evening - in the bathroom of Maryann's now Kerry's dressing room, they are saying to each other; "SURPRISE, SURPRISE." They continue saying to each other, "Marcus you are ours tonight?" About 30 minutes later, with the two still in their dressing room, Marcus is thinking, "What is taking them so long?" as he still hears the hair dryer, again thinking "must be that darn red head?" On the intercom "Mr. & Mrs. Vanderman, excuse me, room service with your dinner." Marcus in his robe, answers the door for the room service girl. Waving her in towards the dining room table. "Hello, my name is Marylou, should I set up everything on the table?" "Marcus, says, "Please & yes." As she pushes the cart with the seafood tower & oysters, she is sizing up this tan 5 ft 10.5 inches blonde hair guy, doesn't look '21' but the dining sheet has on it, over 21-years-old limited liquor is permitted for room service. As Marcus, sizes up this cute and adorable gal, he is thinking maybe she measures at 34 C - 32 - 34, with her long blonde hair into a single braid, even though the girls recently took a load from him, he starts popping up the robe a little, so he decides to sit down on a chair https://hotmyfreecams.com . Kerry & Maryann are done blowing Kerry's hair out, finished prepping the toys, now in their robe pockets with a bottle of lube in a pocket, they come out of their dressing suite with bathrobes and underneath each in a Matching Red Teddy. Kerry stops in her tracks, as she recognizes the room service person, from one of the pictures of models that is transferring to Caz College. She placed Marylou's e-mail and contact details in her personal inbox to contact, Marylou! Kerry says, "I am starved Marcus, is that our food?" as she continues to stare, in person, at this beauty. "Is your name stuttering, Marylou?" "Why, yes, it is, which one is the lucky, Mrs. Vanderman?" Laughing Kerry says "We both are." Marylou says, "Lucky Mr. Vanderman" Maryann & Marcus look at Kerry, with a very perplexed look. "NO, NO, just joking do you have a few minutes without getting in trouble?" "Yes, I can sit a minute unless they call me on my walkie." "Please sit and I'll explain." "The gentleman is my twin brother, Marcus. The Mrs. is his girlfriend, Maryann. Somehow on all the paperwork for the hotel they were listed as Mr. & Mrs. So, they just didn't correct anyone. By the way, we were just in the hot tub, so please excuse our dress code?" "No worries, you should see what I walk into sometimes, delivering room service? But do we know each other?" "Not yet but we maybe roommates at Caz College, please let me explain. Our mom is a famous photographer, we placed an advertisement for models." Marylou's hands, remembering her e-mail, go to her mouth, "OH NO?" "Yes, you were one of the people that wanted to model. We were looking for a male model for that photo shoot but when I read your e-mail, then saw you in the pictures and read that you were transferring to Caz, I saved your e-mail to reach out to you at another time." On the walkie, "Marylou, please come down for another pick-up." "Marylou here, be right down." Marcus, knowing what he just heard about Marylou, goes to their bedroom, takes out a $50.00 plus one of his mom's biz cards, writes his name & cell then Kerry's name & cell then hands her the tip with the card. Saying, "Here is our contact details." Marylou then writes down on Marcus's receipt for room service, her name and number. Kerry tells Marylou, "I'll be sure to call you for our modeling session and let's stay in touch with each other, I would like to discuss being roommates?" Marylou says, "Sounds like a plan, Maryann, Marcus & Kerry, enjoy your oysters and have fun." Kerry says "Thanks, we will enjoy the dinner, I am sure." Then without Marcus being able to see her, she opens her bathrobe to Marylou showing her in the red teddy, "Then she says, as well, as having fun." Marylou just winks, mouthing, "Enjoy, I hope to see you soon." Then walks out of their suite. Before leaving, Marylou had opened their wine then poured three glasses. The three of them first dig into the oysters, after adding some horse radish, white of course, sucking them off the shells. They each take a wine glass they toast. Maryann starts with, "To my two loves that are like family, but not officially family yet." Marcus pipes in, "To my loves, one is family and the other will be my wife sometime in the future." Kerry just says, "We three are bonded, laughing, let's just eat this fantastic feast Marcus ordered and drink our wine." Maryann places an oyster at Marcus's mouth for him to suck off the shell, then she gives one to Kerry to suck off the shell. Marcus repeats then Kerry. Enjoying the oysters, they then hit the fresh seafood. Cracking the King Crab Legs, Lobsters they are in heaven. Meanwhile, Marcus cuts up the Veal, serving Kerry, then Maryann a piece. Both girls, say, "That is so good Marcus, that veal was so tender." After they finish what they can, with the seafood shells in a large bowl, Marcus opens the door of the suite to place the large cart outside. Then kidding them says, "The only fish I want to smell is from your pussy's?" Getting a punch from Maryann, "Gross Marcus, our pussy's smell beautiful and taste sweet. She then says, I have to pee, Kerry?" Kerry follows her into the dressing room, removing their robes, they unsnap their teddies, they take turns peeing, using the bidet, they wash their pussy's then ass's. Drying everything off. Re-snapping their teddies. Maryann says, "Ready to play with Marcus?" "You bet." Meanwhile, Marcus hits a button on the remote, requesting pick up of their cart. Chapter five Marcus is now sitting on the couch still in his robe, as both girls exit the dressing room, they are each wearing a Red Teddy, entering the main area of the suite. Maryann & Kerry have the toys and lube with them hidden from Marcus. "Marcus our love, in unison, they continue, it is play time, let's go to the bedroom?" Marcus looks at them, seeing them in the matching teddy's with Maryann's 30 A's popping out some, while his sister's 32 B's with the elongated nipples really stand out. "WOW GIRLS YOU BOTH LOOK SO HOT IN RED!" They all head into the master suite, removing the blankets, since no turn down tonight. Marcus removes his robe then jumps into the middle of the bed waiting for the girls to each remove their teddy. However, the girls have other plans tonight with their teddy, on each of them, remaining on for now. They both jump on the bed, Kerry from one side, Maryann from the other to attack Marcus's limp penis. They both start licking one side each in unison. Their tongues slide up from his scrotum to his crown, first Maryann then Kerry each lick over his tip, sticking their tongues into his small pee hole, then they reverse, going down on his penis. As his penis starts to grow, they continue their torture. Marcus tries to move to touch the girls, Kerry with Maryann, as they continue playing with his penis, like craftsmen, push him back down to the bed. Maryann stops what she is doing to yell at him, "NO PLAYING WITH US, our other gift to you is, we play with you for now." Kerry stops to say, "Don't worry brother you will get our asses and pussies, when we are done with you, if you still have the energy?" Marcus starts leaking pre-cum but with their continuous licking, now they are at his brown anal area, pushing him up a little so they can lick from his asshole to his balls each sucking one in. Marcus starts to cum, cumming some more as he shoots his load up in the air covering both girls with his liquid gold. They continue playing as he continues to shoot some more. Maryann says, "Good, one large load down, now relax yourself." As Kerry moves to the head of the bed, laying somewhat on top of Marcus to hold him in place. Maryann then gives him a quick clean off of his penis, as Kerry lifts his legs up in the air towards the head board. While this is going on, Maryann quickly lubes up the anal butt plug, then greases his asshole, rimming in a finger to penetrate to his prostate. Marcus is saying, "Ouch, easy down there. Hey what ARE you doing down there to me?"
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