Cloud9 Team On Edge Of Removal From MSI 2021 Along With Reduction To DWG KIA

Cloud9's 2021 Mid-Season Invite has been a bumpy road however it appears that road is about to come to an end.

Details regarding Cloud9 team members at MSI

Cloud9 defeats DWG KIA team

Will C9 bring glory to NA at MSI? Cloud9 are nearer than getting eliminated from the first international tournament this year after their defeat to DWG KIA. The acquisition of Perkz during the offseason has given Cloud9 the North American League of Legends team the strength they needed to win the LCS Spring Split. It seems like even the top Western mid-laners will not be enough to allow North America to overcome the international curse. Once you plan for a useful content on Cloud9 Team, click over here.

This loss to DWG KIA was all the more painful for LCS fans because there were times when it could have been won. There wasn't the stomp that is expected from LCS against. LCK on the international stage. There were times Cloud9 could have taken back control of the game.

The initial position of Cloud9

The game began quickly, with a now all-too-familiar battle for top scuttle crab. The result was DWG KIA receiving first blood. Blaber was able to secure the double-scuttle advantage which he had been seeking throughout MSI. But, this battle cost his farm and his life. From that point on it was a gradual slide into defeat for Cloud9. A few fumbles that were critical in teamfights saw the chance for victory slip away from them and even a 50/50 Smite secure on the Elder Dragon wasn't enough to bring it back for Cloud9's LCS representatives.

Although MSI began the week with a tepid 2-1 record for Cloud9 however, they racked up a 3-0 record in the second week and qualified for the rumble event impressive after a win over the reigning world champions DWG KIA. There was a rumour that this was North America's chance to shine on an international stage. They seemed unsure and nervous in their gameplay during the first week. But as the group stage progressed, the team appeared more confident. Will C9 bring glory to NA at MSI? For getting best answer, you should visit bettergamer.com.

Cloud9's star performer has been surprising the top rookie Ibrahim "Fudge" Allami. While his performance against fellow NA top laners at the Spring Split was not to be praised, he quickly became an impressive backbone for Cloud9 during MSI. Jungler Blaber struggled to find his footing throughout the event, going from an MVP performance in the LCS to feeling lost in the MSI stage.

Cloud9's fate cannot be controlled any longer

They aren't able to qualify for the knockout stage solely by their own wins. If they want to be in a position to compete to progress to the next stage they'll need to depend on PSG Talon and MAD Lions to win crucial matches. MAD and PSG are currently tied at 3-2, both tied for third place in a format in which the top four teams will be able to advance to the knockout stage. They will meet at 2pm CT on the 16th of May.

Is it difficult to get into the next round?

Cloud9 has one last chance to qualify, but they must win the remaining four games. Cloud9 also have to make sure that the loser in PSG against. MAD does not drop more than one game over the final two days of the competition. Cloud9's next game will be against Royal Never Give up at 11am CT, May 17.
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