micha mae melancon was born with a cool blue eye and a sense for excitement and danger in southern louisiana on a swampy september eve. like a jazzbaby on parade she cakewalked through art schools developing a fierce love for the incredible hulk, creative baking, arts & crafts, and the walking dead. her packrat tendencies have supplied her with a file cabinet's worth of retro-kitschy images and mountains of sparkly polyester, corduroy and plaid in which to make things with.

handmade with ferocious sass!!!

handmade items maybe influenced by accordion music, vincent price, godzilla, monster movies, robert rauschenberg, new orleans jazz babies, russian propaganda, secret agents, h.p. lovecraft, richard brautigan, cakewalks and bake sales, zombies, white alligators, panda licorice, mirrored disco balls, bette davis, and recycled bridesmaid's gowns cira 1970.

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