~ sooooo, i like feathers and necklaces and rings and earrings and youtube and music and purfume and GROUPLOVE and piano and sunglasses and animals and hair and lights and shoes and im kindda running out here so..!
HIT ME UP!! Tongue ~
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So · Hanover, Lower Saxony, DE · 65 projects
thank you for adding me!!
NT<3 · Chuo, Tokyo, JP · 1 project
HEYY! Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi my new friend, welcome to this site, i hope you like it here alot and having fun with all the projects and got inspired of them;-D
Happy new year with much crafting time;-D
and thank you for asking me as your new friend. I love to be your friend.
If i can help you , just ask me, i had helping friends as well when i was a newbie.XD
wooow and allready a how to project, awesome i'll take a jump to it.XD
Hey if you like to write , feel free, but... be warned i can be a big talker.LOL
but.... i don't exspect the same of others.-D
at the moment i'm glad it's finely janunari, all those strange days isn't working for me. I' didn't had free days of my revalidation therapy. so it felt strange.LOL
there in the centre are stending everywhere xmastrees and in my new home i still live beside carton boxes.LOL
But my sis had offered to help me to seatle down in my new home. it's a great fun home, still some problems with the wiring and some electric doors that has because of the moisturing of outside a ghost effect.LOL
my doors are living a live of their own. The big sliding wall door as well.
It isn't very cold here just 5 0r 10 celius degrees (normaly it's beyond en beneath zero like -5 with ice and snow but.... it's not fine to find your doors wide open when you come home . There are 4 of the same appartments and we all having the same problems.LOL
but i think i have got the best appartment after all, i can see more of the town , the rest is just watching the otherside of the nearestly shoppingstreet.
I live in the old centre of Haarlem just in the middle, it's awesome, i love the people , the shops and my new home.
ooooh and i have two cats living with me, they are very special for me. they are glad that the firework is ended today.
I'm too, but this house is soooo great isolated that i thought it was much silently outside then it was in real.LOL
i'm afraid of firework i have had as a child an excident by others with firework, so i don't like it anymore. In my old envirement there was much more firework so yesterday i had to laught when some forbidden firework was fired in the centre and everybody was chocked by it. I only thought oooh that's still nothing.LOL
okay ... this is it for now. hey much love and greetings of a silently haarlem and... have much crafting fun this week;XD xoxoxooxo