Jewelry is what I craft most of the time. Now that I have a new sewing machine, I'll be sewing more as well. Other crafts I enjoy involve DIY, drawing and painting, airbrushing, crochet, knitting, baking, and costume make-up.

My friends and I joke that I'm secretly a fairy, but it's also known that I sometimes wish I was a mermaid.

I love animals and the outdoors. I also like swimming, making music, and baking. I also play the violin. I'm known to be a bit weird because of the things I like to wear and what I'm into. Otherwise, people just say I have a unique sense of fashion. It's really, mainly a mix of punk goth or modern and Victorian. Otherwise it's just comfy.

I'm also known for my great love of books and have an AFA in Creative Writing.

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Laura Gloomy.Panda
Laura Gloomy.Panda · Rochdale, England, GB · 18 projects
Hi, thank you for favoring my Frankenstein tights!
FallenBeyond · Minnetonka, Minnesota, US · 28 projects
No problem. I enjoyed making my own pair! X)
Laura Gloomy.Panda
Laura Gloomy.Panda · Rochdale, England, GB · 18 projects
Same here Happy I read your summary and you described yourself as weird, well you should when I wear the stitched tights people look at me as if I'm an alien! I don't understand it's not like I've actually stitched my leg :/ I would to see your version as well Happy
squashedkitty · 3 projects

You can get plastic corset boning from most sewing shops and it's cheap, it usually comes on a roll and so has a curl to it. That's why I stuck two bits back to back it makes the tail flick and move more.

I had tried using wire on an earlier version and it just stuck out and did look right Happy

Good luck and hope to goes well