So about me...

First thing you may want to know is that my name is Ashleigh, but online I mostly go by one of these two usernames: 'Mindirra' (like on here) Or 'Hymki'.

My favourite colour is Purple, but I also like Yellow & this Blue that I like to describe as "like sky blue but a bit darker" which is followed by franticly searching the room I'm currently in for either THE colour or as close a match as possible.

I also love Music but for about the past three or four years my favourite band has been Muse. However I also like Regina Spektor, Taylor Swift & a few other bands and singers.

My biggest weaknesses are that I'm a chronic procrastinator and complainer. I procrastinate about doing my dishes, doing craft, doing exercise, even organising things with friends (which then leads to complaining that I have no friends. It's a vicious cycle)

Well i'm going to finish up here, so don't forget to have a great day.

Cya Happy

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